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The penguin quiver


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Hey alesis,


Not entirely sure what you're getting at here, I believe it's a suggestion so I'll move it over there. If you could elaborate a little more I'd love to give my input.


If you're just referring to Range capes, here's a link to the wiki range gear -- https://redemptionrsps.fandom.com/wiki/Ranged_Gear


Just look under the ranged extras and you'll figure it out.

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General Progression of Capes is,
Penguin Quiver - > Glass wings until you have another way to retain or restore prayer -> Infernal Cape -> Infernal Mage Cape -> Tribrid Infernal Cape -> Skotizo Cape -> -> Achievement cape (p1) ->(p2) -> Tribrid Inferno -> (p3) -> Slayer Master Cape -> (p4) -> Purple Dragon -> (p5)

Though yes this should be under Wiki Suggestions

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