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Update #6: Queen Black Dragon, Zalcano, World Boss Revamp, Ultimate Armour Box, and more!


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Queen Black Dragon has arrived and is ready to challenge all players that dare to enter her lair.



Game modes:

Normal:  150M total HP with 300K damage cap

Challenge Mode: 850M total HP with uncapped damage (Better drop rates and increased loots)





Phase One
The QBD will only use her Ranged attack, her Melee attack (if the player is more than one square above the northernmost artefact), and the occasional singular fire wall. She will only rarely use her soul attack.


The correct artefact to activate at the end of this stage is the northernmost one, in the center of the fighting platform.


Phase Two
The QBD will use all of her previous attacks along with an occasional summoning of one tortured soul. Fire walls now come in groups of two at a time when she uses them.

The correct artefact for this stage is to the south-west. A magical platform allowing access to it will have appeared at the start of this stage.


Phase Three
The QBD can now temporarily either harden her carapace or enter crystalline form. Two souls will appear every time she summons souls. Fire walls appear in groups of three. Along with that, she is now able to siphon the souls to heal herself if they linger in the field too long.

The next correct artefact is the south-eastern one. Similarly to the second artefact, a glowing platform will have arrived at the start of this stage.


Phase Four
All attacks from previous stages remain available. Time Stop and Extreme Dragon Breath are now potential attacks, and soul spawns will come in fours. The fire wall attack is unchanged.


The fourth and final artefact is to the direct south, between the second and third. Once activated, all souls and grotworms on the field will die, and the QBD will return to her slumber. However, if she spat out a worm just as the artefact was touched, that worm will not be killed off.




Normal Mode Drop Table:






100-250 Pure Essence

Royal Mystery Box

Herblore Supply Crate

Mega Lottery Box

Enchantment Stone

Devious Set

Crystal Set


Uncommon: 1/200

Dream Range Helm

Dream Range Body

Dream Range Legs

Dream Mage Helm

Dream Mage Body

Dream Mage  Legs

Dream Melee Helm

Dream Melee Body

Dream Melee Legs


Rare: 1/500

Potion of Aggression

Perfect Enchantment Stone


Box of Testament

1-5 Purple Haze Seeds

Extreme Boost Potion

Super Drop Rate Potion

Slayer Damage Potion

Double Slayer Point Potion

Double Slayer EXP Potion

Potion of Suffering

Emperor's Ring



Ultra Rare: 1/2500

Draconic Charge (Melee)

Draconic Charge (Mage)

Draconic Charge (Range)

Hellfire Offhand

5 Platinum Coins

Emperor's Necklace





Challenge Mode Drop Table






Common:  1/50

100-250 Pure Essence

2x Royal Mystery Box

2x Herblore Supply Crate 

2x Mega Lottery Box 

Devious Set 

Crystal Set 


Uncommon: 1/150

Dream Range Helm 

Dream Range Body 

Dream Range Legs 

Dream Mage Helm 

Dream Mage Body

Dream Mage  Legs

Dream Melee Helm 

Dream Melee Body

Dream Melee Legs


Rare: 1/375

Potion of Aggression

Perfect Enchantment Stone


Box of Testament

1-3 Purple Haze Seeds

Extreme Boost Potion

Super Drop Rate Potion

Slayer Damage Potion

Double Slayer Point Potion

Double Slayer EXP Potion

Potion of Suffering



Ultra Rare: 1/1200

Draconic Charge (Melee)

Draconic Charge (Mage)

Draconic Charge (Range)

Hellfire Offhand

5 Platinum Coins

Emperor's Necklace






To get the new boots, use the draconic charge on a pair of Slayer Master Boots


Draconic Melee Boots

4000 attack bonus 4000 melee strength


Draconic Range Boots

4000 attack bonus 4000 range strength


Draconic Mage Boots

4000 attack bonus 250% mage damage


Hellfire Offhand

8500 attack bonus 12.5K strength damage




Ultimate Armour Box

Redemption's newest box, the Ultimate Armour Box, is JAM PACKED with value!

Test your luck and get full armour sets as loot! 



Crystal Set

Devious Set

Emperor's Set

Eternal Crystal Set

Hades Set

Arrav Set

Undead Set

Space Pernix Set


Uncommon: 1:25

Dream Range Set

Dream Mage Set

Dream Melee Set

Batman Set

Musketeer Set

Obsidian Virtus Set

Obsidian Pernix Set

Skotizo Set

Superman Set

Flash Set


Rare: 1: 250

Mandalorian Set

Poseidon Set

Omen Set

Justiciar Set

Blood Strykewyrm Set

Acidic Strykewyrm Set

Shadow Strykewyrm Set

Beskar Set


Ultra Rare: 1:1200

Black Panther Se

Slayer Master Set

Inquisitor Set:

Elite Robin Hood Set

Ebony Blood Set

Twisted Relic Set

Twisted Ancestral Set

Elite Lava Strykewyrm Set






The skilling mass boss Zalcano is here, grab a pick axe and let's get to work! 





Zalcano's Mechanics:


While the player is inside the prison, Zalcano has six different attacks that the player must watch out for as they attempt to take on the stone demon. Each of the attacks are performed at random intervals throughout the fight.


Zalcano will stomp on the ground, causing boulders to fall from the ceiling. These are easily avoided by stepping at least one tile away. Boulders can be easily spotted by watching out for the falling pebbles/dirt, which will be followed by the falling boulder. It is also easy to know which tile they are falling onto by the location of their shadow on the ground. Players who are hit by these can take 40+ damage.


Zalcano will summon blue and orange demonic symbols. If a player is standing on a blue demonic symbol when attacking Zalcano with imbued tephra, it will increase the players accuracy and damage significantly. The orange demonic symbols, however, should be avoided, These will damage the player as well as reduce their run energy if they pass through it or stand in it. Damage is dealt constantly if a player stands within it and can result in a quick death if they are not paying attention.


Zalcano will summon a golem on the edge of the prison. If the golem reaches her, it will restore her armour's health based on the health of the Golem. If the Golem is at full health, it will restore 50 hitpoints towards her armour. It is possible for a player to hurt the golem with the imbued tephra. 


Zalcano will fire a red ball of energy at the current glowing red rock formation to deactivate it, changing its location. If a player is standing near the rock formation when this happens, they will take 24+ damage. These can be avoided by walking away from the rock.


After Zalcano has fallen and players have caused her damage, she will rise again. If any players are standing next to her while this occurs, she will create a shockwave push them back, causing the player small amounts of damage. All tephra are destroyed as well.


Throwing imbued tephra while standing under a blue demonic symbol will increase the player's accuracy and damage.

Once Zalcano's armour is broken, players must mine Zalcano while she is down to complete the kill.

(Players will also get damaged if they stand under Zalcano when she has fallen. Damage rate is much less than an orange symbol, dealing around 3-10 damage per tick, and the danger persists until Zalcano begins to rise again)



75 Mining

40 Runecrafting


Drop Table:



10-25 Gold Coins



100-250 Pure Essence

2.5x Damage Card

10-50 Gold Coins

Royal Mystery Box



Herblore Supply Crate

25-50 Snapdragon

25-50 Cadantine

25-50 Lantadyme

25-50 Dwarf Weed

25-50 Torstol

5-15 Samaden

5-15 Arbuck

5-15 Fellstalk

5-15 Argway

5-15 Wergali

25-50 Snape Grass

25-50 Limpwurt

25-50 White Berries

25-50 Crushed Birds Nest

25-50 Unicorn Horn Dust

25-50 Potato Cactus

25-50 Red Spiders Eggs

25-50 Mort Myre Fungi

25-50 Wine of Zamorak

25-50 Cardinal Herb

100-250 Omega Runes

100-250 Charm Runes

100-250 Power Rune

100-250 Harvest Rune

100-250 Auspice Rune

75-150 Triad Rune

75-150 Maniacal Rune

75-150 Dex Rune

75-150 Mystic Rune

75-150 Prosperity Rune

1-3 Mega Lottery Box

1-3 Royal Mystery Box

1-3 Ultra Pet Mystery Box

50-100 Gold Coins

Pulse Core

Ancient Affigy



1-3 Purple Haze Seeds

1-3 Herblore Supply Crate

Double slayer EXP Potion (4)

Double Slayer Point Potion (4)

Box of Testaments

100-250 Gold Coins

Shadow Pet Goodiebox

Baby Yoda Pet Goodiebox

Descimator9000 Goodiebox

Elemental Fury Goodiebox

Executive Totem Goodiebox 

Advanced Pulse Core

Ancient Primal Effigy


Rare Drops: 1:2500

Infernal Hatched

Infernal Pickaxe

Infernal Harpoon

1-5 Platinum Coin


Ultra Rare Drops: 1:5000

Zalcano Pet - Grants player 10% XP Bonus when summoned

5-10 Platinum Coins







Zalcano Pet:

Grants 10% Bonus EXP while summoned in ALL skills


Pulse Core:

25% Bonus EXP for 15 Minutes

Advanced Pulse Core:

50% Bonus EXP for 30 minutes



Ancient Effigy

Requirements: Level 60 in any of the skills listed below.

XP: 500K for investigating in selected skill.

















Primal Ancient Effigy

Requirements: Level 120 in any of the skills listed below

XP: 1M experience for investigating the selected skill

















Ancient Effigy Lamp: Grants 1.5M EXP to any skill

Ancient Primal Lamp: Grants 5M Exp to any skill









All players will now receive drops instead of Top 10 damage dealers.

Use the command ::WB to teleport directly to the World Boss location!


New Weapon Requirements:


Infinity Gauntlets (Charged) 

Scythe of Vitur

Voldemort's Dream Staff

Diabolic Bow

Ak-47 Asiimov

Eternal Khiones Staff

Soulflare (x)



New World Boss Drop Table


Always Drop:

5-25 Gold Coins 


Common Drops: 1:75

25-50 Gold Coins

1x World Key 

1x World Box

1x Kismet Box 

1x World Boss Range Crystal

1x World Boss Mage Crystal

1x World Boss Melee Crystal



Uncommon Drops: 1:150

50-100 Gold Coins 

1x World Enders Helmet

1x World Enders Chest

1x World Enders Legs

1x World Enders Gloves

1x World Enders Boots


Rare Drops: 1:500

World's Globe Pet 

Platinum Coin 

5% Elo Booster



World Ender Set:


World Boss Range Crystal:

When using a range crystal on one of the world ender pieces, the stats will be increased by 250 in range attack bonus and range strength.


World Boss Mage Crystal:

When using a mage crystal on one of the world ender pieces, the stats will be increased by 250 in magic attack bonus and 15% in magic dmg.


World Boss Melee Crystal:

When using a melee crystal on one of the world ender pieces, the stats will be increased by 250 in stab/slash/crush attack bonus and strength bonus


Stat Caps:

World Enders Helmet/Platebody/Legs

Maximum Range stats per item: 4,000 range attack bonus/4,000 range strength

Maximum Magic stats per item: 3,000 range attack bonus/180% mage dmg

Maximum Melee stats per item: 4,000 range attack bonus/4,000 range strength


World Enders Gloves:

Maximum Range stats: 8,000 range attack bonus/8,000 range strength

Maximum Magic stats per item: 8,000 magic attack bonus/380% magic dmg

Maximum Melee stats per item: 8,000 range attack bonus/8,000 range strength


World Ender Boots:

Maximum Range stats per item: 1,750 range attack bonus/1,750 range strength

Maximum Magic stats per item: 1,750 magic attack bonus/180% magic dmg

Maximum Melee stats per item: 1,750 melee attack bonus (stab/slash/crush)/1,750 melee strength







$50 Custom Credit Scroll: 75,000 Points

$100 Custom Credit Scroll: 150,000 points

$250 Custom Credit Scroll: 500,000 points

Hades Set- 300 points

Arrav Set- 15000 points

Undead Set- 120 points

Space Pernix Set- 3000 points

Space Virtus Set- 3000 points

Batman Set-15000 points

Obsidian Pernix Set-7500 points

Obsidian Virtus Set-7500 points

Blood Strykewyrm Set-7500 points

Acidic Strykewyrm Set-7500 points

Shadow Strykewyrm Set-7500 points


Sponsor Ticket increased to 50,000 points

Arrav Helm: 500 instead of 700 points

Arrav Body: 500 instead of 700 points

Arrav Legs: 500 instead of 70 points





As we progress into 2021 we have added a couple more upgrades to our client to enhance player experience:




Enhances all of the particles found in-game!


Can be toggled on the client side panel
















? Changed Potion of Aggression to 30 minutes from 60 minutes

? Added Extreme Boost Potion to Platinum Shop (Max QTY: 10 per day)

?Decreased CPU usage

? Increased maximum entries at a time to 1000 and added 60 second timer for Grand Lottery

? Fixed issue with Christmas Guard Helm

?Fixed issue with Demonic Guardian not being able to be attacked at Platinum Zone

?Fixed issue with not being able to enter Hydra/Lachrym with a pet summoned

?Fixed issue with Lachrym Shield not being able to be broken

?Added more chat exceptions to the game chat filter

?Lowered CPU usage by 90%

?Fixed gear presets

?Added transparent items to placeholders when quantity is 0

?Fixed text error in sponsor shop

?Removed coin flip option from Dice Zone

?Decreased the amount of keys usable at once at Soul Room

?Increased the upgrade protection cost to 2B from 750M

?Updated Slayer Potions from store to be 4 dose instead of 3 dose

?Added kill count tracker to Apocolypse Bow

?Fixed an issue where players were getting stuck in the tutorial

?Fixed NPC animations in the Teleportation Interface

?Updated fishing experience

?Increased charges per Sire Crystal to 20 when charging the Twisted Elemental Staff

?Fixed issue with AFK Patrol leaving activities open when players are jailed

?Added new skyboxes to various areas

?Added more box sets to the box set maker shop

? Added Bonger Custom orders

? Added Act I's Custom orders

?Added PDH Custom Orders

?Added Laced Custom Order

?Added Arrogant Custom order

?Added Cloud Custom Order

?Added Jonn Custom Order

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