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Redemption Update #4: Limestream Demon, Season Pass 4, The Money Tree, and a Brand New Weapon to TOB?!


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The Limestream Demon has risen and will be a special event during our special Youtube streams!


How to get there > https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCswXIFwwgqQ87pfNDUF4wlA


Total HP: 300M

Damage Cap: 200K


Mechanics: Each phase has 100M HP


Phase 1: Only takes damage from MAGIC attacks

Special Attacks: Splatters poison around the map! 


Phase 2: Only takes damage from RANGE attacks

Special Attacks: Spawns fire across 3 quadrants of the map and small (but deadly) blue flames


Phase 3: Only takes damage from MELEE attacks

Special Attack: Spawns up to 10 deadly targets on the ground where it will unleash a deadly attack which will kill anyone standing in them!


NOTE: Players attacking with the wrong combat style will take 5 damage per hit. Make sure to switch to the right combat style or it will be a deadly mistake!




Event Goodiebox




Royal Mystery Box

Ultra Pet Box

Mega Lottery Box

Black Diamond Box (Event)

Diamond Bag (Event)

2k21 (Event) (pending)

50 Gold Coins



Limestream Chicken Pet 

Elemental Fury Goodiebox

Shadow Pet Goodiebox

Baby Yoda Goodiebox

Descimator Goodiebox

500 Gold Coins



Perfect Enchantment Stone

Platinum Coin

50 Donator Tabs



Demonic USP

5 Box of Dreams

100 Donator Tabs

2 Box of Treasures

Chris Redfield Mask

Chris Redfield Top

Christ Redfield Legs



Lady Dimitrescu 

Sponsor Ticket

500 Donator Tabs







The Limestream Chicken:

Ultron Stats




Lady Dimitrescu

Baby Yoda Stats




Chris Redfield Set

8250 Range Attack Bonus

9000 Range Strength Bonus





Demonic USP

11K Range Attack Bonus

11K Range Strength Bonus

10% Drop Rate

0.6 attack speed

3 hits per attack

9x9 AoE




Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to our Youtube Channel so you don't miss out on this YouTube Exclusive! 

Redemption Official Youtube Channel









Introducing the new Money Tree skilling event!


Requirements: 120 Wooductting

Location: ::Skilling -- East Coast

Spawn Timer: 90 minutes


The Money Tree is unique to woodcutting because its main resource is MONEY BAGS instead of logs!



Money Bag Contents:



1-10 Gold Coins


Uncommon: 1/125

15-50 gold coins



Rare: 1/400

50-200 gold coins


Ultra Rare: 1/5000

200-1000 gold coins







Season 4 Pass is NOW LIVE!

You can purchase the season pass in our Official Redemption Store


Season Rewards:





New additions to Season points:

Chambers of Xeric completion = 100 points

Kill Mr X = 1000 points

Kill Crimson Chin = 40 points

Open Munition Key = 25 points

KIll Bomberman = 30 points

Kill Miss Fortune = 75 points

Claim ::membership boxes = 10 points

Redeem a vote code = 25 points










New to the Theatre of Blood Drop table is the Scythe Sharpener!


This item can be used on a scythe of vitur to create the Scythe of Many Deaths!



Stab: 20,000

Slash: 32,500

Crush: 10,000

Strength Bonus: 35,000

20% Drop Rate

15% Double Drop Rate

10% Luck

Attack Speed: 1.2 

Hits per attack: 3

AoE: 12x12


Special Attack:

Using the special attack costs 100% of the special attack bar

Using special attack on this weapon grants the user +5000 Strength for 60 seconds.









🔥 Fix Reapers weapons 

🔥 Added preset button to bank interface

🔥 Added unified announcements

🔥 Fixed Koekblik Jr pet

🔥 Removed Ultra Rare announcement from Soul Chest

🔥 Added Reroll feature to Clue Scroll Ring (5M per reroll)

🔥 Removed cash prize from Drop Party Presents

🔥 Added 50x50 to Rod of Pestilence

🔥 Fixed clipping issue at BG 2

🔥 Added 3 hits to Lord's Executioner

🔥Fixed PVM Event prizes

🔥Added Port Phasmatys to the Amulet of Nature

🔥 Enabled Chicken Coup gambling event

🔥 Fixed Hades map

🔥 Added "Prayer of Death" name to Reaper's custom prayer

🔥 Fixed issue with items disappearing when wearing stackable items

🔥 Automatically add mithril seeds when joining ::event

🔥 Removed chat spam from various boxes

🔥 Fixed map issue with Theatre of Blood

🔥 Fixed issue with dynamic regions

🔥 Fix formatting issues

🔥 Add Papi Chulu descimators

🔥 Add Paulinso descimators




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