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[August 2021] - Redemptions Delight

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Not only is there GIM, but also.... Redemption's Olympics !

Curious about it? Read all about it here ! 



@Kloudz and @Prosignia got promoted towards fTkZF2h.png In-Game Moderators

Let us cheer them on, on this huge promotion !


Another big promotion is for @Squishy, who's been given the chance to proove himself as

Forums Moderator ID5sbAg.png  

Will he make the forums great again !?




The results are clear, we have a new MOTM !


Congratulations @Jota for this accomplishment !





  Let's introduce the newest players! or the returning legends! 

To start, A warm welcome to @NocturnalT0 !


Welcome the master of PVM, @black sages2 !


We are glad to welcome @blank0000 ! hope you enjoy the server!

Good luck on the  P.R.L ,Welcome  @sterling_west !

Welcome back @Syos ! Hope you stick longer this time!

HELLLLO! @ajnish619 ! Welcome to Redemption!

A warm welcome to @Jeremyy !

A staff and a Forum staff!
The most dedicated person, WB @Hephaistos !

Welcome Sam AKA @Flashcard The russian 2.0 !

We hope you enjoy Redmption! @Zyl, Welcome to the family !


Welcome @kevin8625 !! Many many tips at our ::WIKI!

Welcome @bromz,Looks like you already love the content!!

Welcome back @Hc Quick !Looks like a lot of the OG's are coming back!

Let's have a warm welcoming to @JustHardWork !

Yet another returning player! Welcome back @kavraka !

Feel free to share your redemption journey!! Welcome @Hellomynan !

Another OG coming back! Welcome back @Ace123 !

AN ironman ? very tough decision ! Welcome @irone !

And lastly we have @Bruze ! Welcome baaaaaaaaack!






It is the one and only MOTM... @Jotabringing us his loot from a whopping 100 Enraged Hades kills !

If you have attempted this boss, you know this is no walk in the park.





When did you join Redemption?

About three weeks ago.


How did you find out about Redemption?

Through Sohan`s YouTube channel.


Tell the community a little bit about yourself.

I have a medical condition, that basically makes me a "stay at home neet", I spend all day playing videogames, and for the last three weeks I have Been exclusively playing Redemption and enjoying it.


How do you feel about the current state of Redemption? Possible Pros & Cons?

Obviously I haven't burned out yet, after having been playing all day for nearly three weeks straight so I do think highly of the server. However if I had to give feedback/suggestion based off of my playstyle, skilling exp rates are a bit slow and sometimes comparable to OSRS. I would suggest that there needs to be a general community poll about certain xp rates, which would be based on feedback to decide which ones are the most tedious and not actively being used by the community.


What are your general thoughts about events?

I think the events are great. I am very competitive by nature so having an outlet that allows me to directly compete against other players is very exciting. As such I attend nearly every single event. I genuinely have a great time at the events and interacting with the whole event community is exciting, and extremely entertaining. I wake up in the morning to attend the earliest event, and go to bed nearly right after the last event. I particularly love the fact that there are so many daily events. The experience and frequency of Redemptions events are worlds apart from events on any other server.


What do you think about event staff / event helpers?

I think all of the event staff do a great job with handling the events and everything that they entail. They all take the roasting and jokes from the community extremely well and dish the fun right back out. I give them a hard time at every event and vice versa, and the fun doesn't end. They all seem to enjoy the events themselves and genuinely seem to care about the community. Roasts aside, I genuinely have nothing truly bad to say about them.


What would be your dream job?

My dream job would probably have to be some work from home video game related job. Something that would allow me to earn while having fun. As cliche as it is, gaming is my escape, so to be able to escape and work simultaneously would actually be a dream.


What's your favorite activity besides Redemption?

My favorite activity outside of Redemption is Magic the Gathering. I'm sure a good deal of y'all know what that is, but for those who don't, it's a strategy trading card game that was released in the early 90's and has been going strong ever since. I love going to my local card shop, participating in tournaments there, and interacting with peers who had the same hobby. With current world events I haven't been able to go to this shop for well over a year now, so finding something like Redemption that I enjoy so much is actually a blessing.


Do you have pets?

I personally have two very beautiful and amazingly cute pets. One is a floofy white Japanese Spitz named Cleeko, and the other is a feisty and adequately named little domestic shorthaired cat named Jaguar. Now here are a few pictures to show off their cuteness. Look at them. LOOK!!! Can't look away now, can you?


unknown.png?width=329&height=586 IMG_9597.jpg?width=440&height=587



@Hc Greg


When did you join Redemption?

I joined / re-joined back to Redemption like 3 months ago, however i did start in 2014.


How did you find out about Redemption?

I think I saw a video a little bit earlier before i started in 2014, I saw customs in an RSPS which I thought was very nifty.


Tell the community a little bit about yourself.

People know me as greg, the corn-salesman and the running joke is that I'm a "chalo" cause i was born in Mexico, but raised in the States.


How do you feel about the current state of Redemption? Possible Pros & Cons?

 In my eyes the current state of Redemption is that it is getting better from what it used to be, but sometimes i feel like theres a "paywall" that people cannot get past, you can join the server pretty easily - you see exlusive items or exlusive Gb-islands advertised out but cant access it without paying.


What do you think about events?

I like to go to events even tho sometimes it takes time off, but getting the community together is what makes it worth the while.


What do you think about event staff/event helpers?

For event staff, they're doing the best they can with what they've got. event helpers should have more "power", like to assist the event staff more -> Discord wise give new players that are joining maybe event notification rank or something for people to join Discord more easily.


What would be your dream job?

As a young child I wanted to become an engineer in the computer field, but as I got older I saw that having a great teacher could help a troubled kid become successful and live their dream. So before dropping out of college my goal was to become a math teacher with youth studies so kids would have a person to talk to or reach out to if they were having issues.


Whats your favorite activity besides Redemption?

Currently really enjoying playing 2D games like Rotmg and considering it's summer time, spending time with people at lakes or hang-out spots.


Do you have pets?

Yeah I do have a pet sadly it’s currently living with my parents in California while I’m living in Missouri. Here’s an old picture I found of him, his name is Coffee and he has a funny underbite.










Will Construction bring custom Gambling?


With the one and only @Squishy


pvming or gambling



forums or ingame



group or solo



mozzarella cheese or cheddar



coffee or tea



headphones or speaker



pineapple on pizza or no







I am sharp and firm

You see me almost everywhere

Or should it be "see you" ?

One good punch could blast me



Do Monkeys lay eggs?






News Team Adviser - @Adams

 News Team Manager  @Hephaistos

Editor/Reporter - @Englog

Editor/Reporter - @Sinzzu

Gfx'er - @peripheral❤️ 

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