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Redemption Olympics


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Welcome to Redemption Olympics 2021

We are excited to present a new event to all of you!
This event is all about working together and winning A LOT of cool prizes
Make sure to not miss out 10th / 11th / 12th of september 

How to join?
Players can join by going to the official Redemption discord server
You will find a Sign-up channel related to the Olympics
Simply react with the green checkmark before the entry closes
After the entry window closes, you will get put on to a balanced team
Further info about the event can be found in the Text Channel once the event started!

Event Schedule
Tuesday 1AM - Thursday 1AM - Entry window
Thursday 1AM - Friday 1AM - Preparations
Friday 1AM - Sunday 1PM - Olympic Marks hunt! ( Pvm )
Sunday 2PM - Sunday 4PM  - Live Bingo on Discord


!Individual rewards!
Any mark traded to your captain = 500M Cash (unlimited)
First on your team to obtain a new mark = 2.5B (max 14 per team, events not counted)

!!Team rewards!!
Teams will be placed top 3 based on the amount of Bingo Points
Each complete line on the card = 1 Bingo Point
A full card = 12 Bingo Points

1st place team: all players get X box of treasures + Custom Olympics Icon
2nd place team: all players get X box of dreams
3rd place team: all players get X event goodiebox
(amount X will depend on the amount of players joining)

!!!!Sunday Special!!!!
Your team will get up to 12 Bingo cards depending on the amount of Bingo Points
Live bingo will be hosted in the discord channel!
Every team has a chance to pull 1 or more prizes for their team!
There will be 10 prizes given away during the bingo round!
(more info down below)

There will be a $1,000 store credit given to a random player in rank #1 team


Teams get 1 Bingo Card for each Bingo Point they won.
Meaning a team can have up to 12 bingo cards.
If 2 teams get bingo in the same round both teams will be spun on the wheel

(Multiple teams can win the last prize on the wheel, if they have bingo in the same round)

!! Bingo Prize Wheel !!
(If your team gets a wheel spin everyone from the team gets the prize it lands on)
3 x 5$ bond
3 x 2k21 box (event)
3 x black diamond box (event)
3 x diamond bag (event)
3 x executive totem goodiebox
3 x shadowpet goodiebox
3 x potion of aggression
250M CASH!
500M CASH!!
750M CASH!!!

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