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Redemption Update #3: Group Ironman, NEW Event, Battlegrounds 2, New Vote Shop, and MORE!


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Now introducing our newest game mode, Group Iron Man! Players will have the opportunity to team up with 4 other players and start their quest to become Redemption's finest Group Ironman team!




Game Mode Description: Group Iron Man mode is a challenging yet engaging game mode as you and up to 4 other players can team up and take on the all of the challenges Redemption has to offer! Players will start with 10% drop rate bonus and gain 2% for each member in their team. (20% drop rate for a full team)


Careful who you choose to be on your team as there will not be a way to leave the team once you begin.



GIM Restrictions:

Standard Iron man restrictions besides the shared community bank.

Players may not swap untradeable items via the community bank.


GIM Perks:

2% EXP bonus per player (10% for full team)


Team Member Removal:

Players may be voted off the team if they have been inactive for more than 30 days. ::removegroup-username


Vote System:

Players will have 48 hours to approve the vote to kick or the voting period will close and another ticket will be required.



GIM Removal Ticket

Function: this allows you to initiate a vote to kick a player from your GIM team and skipping the 30 day wait time free vote.

Players who have been inactive for 30 days will be able to voted off the team without a GIM removal ticket.


Removal Rules:

The majority of the team must vote yes to kick the selected player. See the table below for the required amount of votes:

5-man team: 3 players required

4-man team: 2 players required

3-man team: 2 players required


 Any online players will be asked if they would like to kick the selected player. For the next 48 hours, team members will be reminded that they need to vote on login.


Upon log-in: "Your group has initiated a GIM Removal Ticket please vote using ::gimremoval"

When players type ::gimremoval a chat menu will pop up



 Chat reminders will be sent every 3 hours for online members until the 48 hour window expires or enough votes have passed to remove/not remove the member.


 If the requirement is met within 48 hours, the player will be kicked from the team. If the requirement is not met, the vote will fail and another one can be re-initiated with a new ticket.


if you initiate a vote on your own name you will be automatically kicked from the group without having to vote (Doesn't matter on team size)

RULE: If you remove yourself from a group, you will be restricted from joining a new group for 3 days.




If you do need to remove someone from your team, you can purchase a GIM removal ticket from the official Redemption store!






Now introducing 5% ELO Cards! These cards will grant players a 5% ELO boost if they wish to speed up the process of their ELO generation. These can be purchased in our official Redemption Store!


What is ELO? 

ELO is a system we have in-game that offers players a stat multiplier for consecutive days online while fulfilling the NPC kill requirements. 


For example:  If a player has 45.0% ELO, they will receive a stat multiplier of 1.45x.
If you have 10,000 range strength with 0 ELO

You would have 14,500 range strength with 45% ELO.


Players can increase their ELO by up to 4% each day (depending on donator rank/membership status)








Battlegrounds is BACK with a BRAND NEW map! 

This new map has a more open concept, no spinning blades, but same PVP fun!


Make sure to join us on discord to participate in our DAILY Battlegrounds events!




We have updated the Karmic Offerings with new items and rebalanced the old list. You can find all of the available offerings for your karmic needs! 


Item Name-EXP-Kismets

AK-47 Asiimov-50K-10K

Amorth Body-3750-500

Amorth Cape-3750-500

Amorth Helm-3750-500

Amorth Legs-3750-500

Ancient Wyvern Shield-15M-3.75M

Archers Boots-75K-10K

Audermars Piguet Watch-25M-5M

AWP Assiimov-50K-10K

Axe of Revenge-25M-5M

Batman Mask-2.5M-625K

Batman Body-2.5M-625K

Batman Legs-2.5M-625K

Beserker Boots-50K-10K


BFG9000 Offhand-1M-250K

BFG9000 (i)-1.5M-500K

BFG9000 (i) Offhand-1.5M-500K

Crystal Platebody-50K-10K

Crystal Helm-50K-10K

Crystal Platelegs-50K-10K

Devious Body-50K-10K

Devious Helm-50K-10K

Devious Legs-50K-10K

Diablo Pet-50K-10K

Diabolic Bow-1.25M-350K

Dragonfire Ward-500K-125K

Dragontooth Necklace-1M-250K

Dream Body-250K-40K

Dream Helm: 250K-62.5K

Dream Legs-250K-62.5K

Dream Mage Body-250K-62.5K

Dream Mage Helm-250K-62.5K

Dream Mage Legs-250K-62.5K

Dream Range Body-250K-62.5K

Dream Range Helm-250K-62.5K

Dream Range Legs-250K-62.5K

Elemental Body-3750-500

Elemental Helm-3750-500

Elemental Legs-3750-500

Emperor's Necklace-30M-7.5M

Emperor's Ring-7.5M-1.875M

Eternal Crystal Body-75K-18.75k

Eternal Crystal Helm-75K-18.75K

Eternal Crystal Legs-75K-18.75K

Eternal Khione Staff-75K-18.75K

Golden Minigun-25K-6.25K

Helicopter Pet-500K-125K

Icy Glaive-5M-1.25M

Infernal Body-3750-500

Infernal Boots-3750-500

Infernal Bottoms-3750-500

Infernal Gloves-3750-500

Infernal Hat-3750-500

Infernal Kiteshield-3750-500

Infinity Gauntlets Charged-2.5M-625K

Khione Staff-40K-10K


M4 Assiimov-25K-6.25K


Nax Amulet-25K-6.25K

Necromancer Pet-25K-6.25K

Obsidian Virtus Mask-1.5M-375K

Obsidian Virtus Top-1.5M-375K

Obsidian Virtus Bottom-1.5M-375K

Odium Ward-1M-250K

Olaf Cape-3750-500

Olaf Death Scythe-3750-500

Olaf Full Helm-3750-500

Olaf Platebody-3750-500

Olaf Platelegs-3750-500

Power Stone-750K-187.5K

Quantum Boots-225K-30K

Scythe of Vitur-3.75M-937.5K

Seers Boots-75K-10K

Skotizo Ancestral Body-2.5M-625K

Skotizo Ancestral Legs-2.5M-625K

Skotizo Cape-2.5M-625K

Skotizo Hat-2.5M-625K

Soulflare I-5000-1250

Soulflare X-10K-2500


Space Boxing Gloves-225K-30K

Space Spirit Shield-120K-15K

Space Pernix Helm-500K-125K

Space Pernix Body-500K-125K

Space Pernix Legs-500K-125K

Space Virtus Helm-500K-125K

Space Virtus Body-500K-125K

Space Virtus Legs-500K-125K

Stone of Power-10M-2.5M

Stone of Redemption-1.5M-375K

Stone of Ressurection-1.5M-375K

Stone of Vengeance-1.5M-375K

Stone of Healing-1.5M-375K

Tam Amulet-25K-6.25K

Thanos Pet-2.5M-625K


Ultimate Dream Katana-75K-18.75K

Ultimate Stone-20M-5M

Vendura Ring-500K-125K

Voldemort Dream Staff-500K-125K

Yix Amulet-25K-6.25K






Newest Item Grinder Additions:


6th Bow: 100,000 points

6th Anniversary sword: 20K

6th Anniversary sword off hand 20K

6th Anniversary sword 20K

6th Anniversary sword offhand 20K

6th anniversary rifle (fire) 20K

6th anniversary rifle (ice) 20K

6th staff 20K

6th anniversary helm ice 20K

6th anniversary body ice 20K

6th anniversary legs ice 20K

6th anniversary gloves ice 20K

6th anniversary boots ice 20K

6th anniversary shield ice 20K

6th anniversary helm fire 20k

6th anniversary body fire 20k

6th anniversary legs fire 20k

6th anniversary gloves fire 20k

6th anniversary boots fire 20k

6th anniversary shield fire 20k

Millennium Robe Top: 30K

Dragon Hunter Lance: 20K







New Items:

Extreme Donator Ticket- 50 Vote Tickets

Herblore Supply Crate - 24Vote Tickets

Ultra Pet Box - 24 Vote Tickets

Mega Lottery Box - 24 Vote Tickets

Box of Totems- 24 Vote Tickets

Star Box - 48 Vote Tickets

Royal Mystery Box - 48 Vote Tickets

Box of Testaments - 96 Vote Tickets

Executive Totem Goodiebox - 120 Vote Tickets

Descimator9000 Goodiebox - 120 Vote Tickets

Owner Cape Goodiebox - 120 Vote Tickets

Amulet of Nature - 300 Vote Tickets

Infernal Pickaxe - 480 Vote Tickets

Infernal Hatchet - 480 Vote Tickets

Infernal Harpoon - 480 Vote Tickets

Super Magic Compost - 12 Vote Tickets

Double Slayer EXP Potion - 120 Vote Tickets

Double Slayer Point Potion - 120 Vote Tickets

Clue Scroll Ring - 480 Vote Tickets

Starter Ring  - 3 Vote tickets

Collector's Necklace - 18 Vote Tickets

Helicopter Pet - 60 Vote Tickets

Necromancer Pet - 6 Vote Tickets

10% Drop Rate Card- 6 Vote Tickest

2x Damage Card - 6 Vote Tickets

Enchantment Stone - 12 Vote Tickets





Amulet of Nature: Allows players to teleport directly to farming patches

Clue Scroll Ring: Players will receive a 10% drop rate boost in finding clue scrolls and a 5% higher chance for it to be a Elite/Dream Clue




Donator Boost Potion


Donator Potion will provide the following:

4 doses (each dose lasts 5 minutes)


25% drop rate

20% double drop rate

10% luck

3x damage boost (similar to 2.5x damage cards)


A pack of Donator Potions can be purchased in our official store!








Coming soon.... Our next community event will be the Redemption Olympics where participants will join Team Rode, Team Ktrips, or Team Jon for a chance to win some amazing prizes! This event will run as a 3 day event starting Friday and ending on Sunday. Date and time will be released at a later time when all details are finalized! You do not want to miss out!


In addition to all of the amazing prizes, one lucky winner will be walking away with $1,000 store credit! 


Stay tuned for more information regarding this massive event!






A new item called Drop Party Present  can now be found in the following drop tables at a 1 in 1000 drop rate:

Global Slayer Drop Table

Ultra Rare Drop Table

Lachrym the Undying (Medium difficulty or harder)


When a player uses a Drop Party Present on the drop party chest then a random item from the following list will be added to the drop party.




Eternal Crystal Helm 

Eternal Crystal Body

Eternal Crystal Platelegs 

Devious Helm

Devious Body

Devious Legs

Ak-47 Asiimov 

Avery's Ring (i) 

Diablo Jr.

Fortune Lvl 3

Fortunate Favour Lvl 3

Augury Lvl 3

Mystic Lvl 3

Berserker Lvl 3

Platinum Skin 

Helicopter Pet

Fire Hazard AK 

Devious Set 

Crystal Set 



Dream Helm 

Dream Body 

Dream Legs 

Dream Range Helm 

Dream Range Body

Dream Range Legs

Dream Mage Helm 

Dream Mage Body 

Dream Mage Legs 

Space Virtus Helm 

Space Virtus Body

Space Virtus Legs 



Dream Melee Set

Dream Mage Set 

Dream Range Set

Thanos Pet 


BFG900 Offhand 

Gold DS Coin x 250 



Emperor's Ring 

Ultron Pet 

Scythe of Vitur 

Batman Helm 

Batman Body 

Batman Legs 

Gold DS Coin x 500 



Emperor's Necklace

Platinum DS Coin 

Poseidon Set 

Sanguinesti Staff 

Justiciar Helm 

Justiciar Body

Justiciar Legs 

Omen Set 








Our newest community event is now here! We will host daily ::PVMEVENT daily! 


Location: ::PVMEVENT

This event will take place in a shared instanced version of our Event Map


Game Mode:

Players will kill the NPCs scattered around the map for drops and turn those drops into the deposit bin for additional points. The top 3 players will receive a prize listed in the PVM Event interface. The rest of the players will receive the static prize, also assigned in the PVM Event interface.



Length of the event: 15 Minutes



All players will be assigned the Blessings Prayer Book

No ELO or outside boosts will be allowed. (No active potions, no damage cards, etc.)

Players may not join while having items equipped or items in their inventory.

Disable cosmetic equipment tab while in the minigame

All items will be removed upon leaving the event unless the item is listed on the PVM Event Exceptions List

In order for the PVM event to start, there must be at least 5 players.


Starting Gear:

Bronze Scimitar

Wooden Shield



30 Spawns: Evil Fluffy:

Respawn Timer: 6 seconds — 10 game ticks

75 HP


30 Spawns: Cute Fluffy:

Respawn Timer: 6 seconds — 10 game ticks

75 HP


5 Spawns: Giant Fluffy

MULTI-COMBAT EXCEPTION — player with most damage done will get the drop

Respawn Timer: 120 seconds — 200 game ticks

HP: 300


These NPCs will have a tiered weapon drop table. Once you get the first weapon drop, you will move to the next weapon.


All weapons are 1 in 5 but you must have the previous one before you can get the drop of the next one.

iron scimitar

Black Scimitar 

Adamant Scimitar

Rune Scimitar

Dragon Scimitar

Abyssal Whip

Abyssal Tentacle 

Armadyl Godsword

Dragon Claws


These npcs will also have a regular drop table for item gear as well:


1 in 10

Fire Cape 

Amulet of Glory 

Rune Defender

Rune Boots

Warrior Ring

Dragon Platelegs

Rune Platebody

Rune Platelegs

Rune Full Helm

Rune Kiteshield


1 in 25

Dragon Defender

Dragon Boots

Amulet of Fury 

Helm of neitiznot 

Fighter Torso 

Combat Bracelet

Berserker Ring

Barrows Gloves

3x Shark


1 in 50

Flameburst Defender 

Amulet of Torture 

Berserker Ring(i) 

Bandos Tassets 

Bandos Chestplate 

Prayer Potion (4)

Overload (4)


Giant Fluffy Drop Table:

All weapons are 1 in 3 but you must have the previous one before you can get the drop of the next one.

Iron scimitar

Black Scimitar 

Adamant Scimitar 

Rune Scimitar

Dragon Scimitar 

Abyssal Whip

abyssal tentacle

Armadyl Godsword

Dragon Claws


This NPC  will also have a regular drop table for item gear as well.

1 in 6

Fire Cape 

Amulet of Glory

Rune Defender

Rune Boots

Warrior Ring

Dragon Platelegs

Rune Platebody

Rune Platelegs

Rune Full Helm

Rune Kiteshield


1 in 12

Dragon Defender 

Dragon Boots 

Amulet of Fury 

Helm of Neitiznot 

Fighter Torso 

Combat Bracelet

Berserker Ring

Barrows Gloves

3x Shark


1 in 25

Flameburst Defender

Amulet of Torture

Berserker Ring(i) 

Bandos Tassets 

Bandos Chestplate 

Prayer Potion (4)

Overload (4)


Point System

Players will use the Drop Off Box located in the middle of the zone


All drops on the 1:10 table are worth 1 point

All drops on the 1:25 table are worth 3 points

All drops on the 1:50 table are worth 5 points 

All weapon drops are worth 1 point (Except Bronze Scimitar)


Score Board

This scoreboard will show the top 3 players with the highest total points along with a 4th option which would show how many points you currently have.


The event will automatically end after 15 minutes, all NPCs will stop spawning and all players will have their inventory emptied and it will send the reward to players collection chest.



If a player leaves before the event is over, they will not receive a reward.


Item Exceptions:

Create an exception list, where only the items on the list may be brought out from the event. If an item is on the exception list it will prevent the item from being placed in the Drop Off Box





?Added Olympic Event prizes

? Prevented challenges from be rerolled upon log out for Elite/Dream clue scrolls.

? Crystal Key and Crystal Key (+) chest has been revamped to give cash only with small chance at getting BFG9000

? Mystery box has been revamped to remove OSRS items.

? Fixed charge system for Twisted Bow

? Fixed issue with Tangleroot not giving proper XP bonus

?Increase rates of obtaining the Master Farmer set

? Added TOB drop annoucement

?Changed Trivia reward to 25 Gold Coins

? Added Community Admin prayer

? Added Inquisitor Box Set to Box Set Maker

? Fixed text error on Dream EXP potion

? Fixed bug where you couldn't replace items if inventory was full

?Fixed bank bugs (item placeholders, noting, swaps, etc,

?Fixed Yugioh collection log

? Allowed toggletrade and togglestack to save 

? Fixed several chat bugs (type through, menu stacking, etc.)

?Added tile markers to client

?Added info boxes to client

?Added HP % option

?Fixed donator panel icon on client

?Added opponent toggle/information to client

?Added Ground Item settings to client

? Fixed 2step removal command

? Fixed ::donocaps command

? Fixed ::info command

? Fixed arrow buttons on chat box

? Allowed Co-Op slayer tasks to be done while in instances

? Fixed Electronic Katana equip model

? Fixed inventory icons for multiple models

? Fixed bug with XP Lamps being used and not giving XP

? Forced all drops from crimson chin to inventory after kill

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