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Walk-Through for Chambers of Xeric - by Kowalski (video for every room)

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❤️❤️❤️ Video's in order from start to end! step-by-step ❤️❤️❤️

Gear setup during these videos:
armour: Full vorkath
aura: regain
quiver: The power stone
cape: tribrid infernal
necklace: collector's neckalce
ring: avery ring (i)
weapon: Skull descimator / Elemental Fury staff / Slayer master hammer
pet: Thano

Special Bandage  (unlimited heals with a cooldown timer on it obtained from dreamland)
panick food x10

Additional info:
- This is NOT a early game raid!
- This raid can be done Solo OR in a team up to 10 people
- There is common rewards for everyone, no matter how much you helped
- Earn up to 1 billion points. more points = more chance for a rare drop
- If you die inside the raid, you lose around 40% of your total points!
- You need at minimum a good MELEE and MAGIC setup for gear & weapons + a decent ranged weapon for vanguards

Room 1: Tekton
- wait untill he starts walking towards you, then attack
- walking under him will KILL YOU
- from time to time he goes back to his anvil, during this time you need to avoid damage from fire flying around you.
- just bringing enough healing items makes this a breeze


Room 2: Crystal Crabs
- The goal is to destroy all 4 crystals in the room
- The light orb bounces clock-wise when hitting a crab
- When a crab is stunned, you can stun them again to reset their stun timer
- the orb turns into the same color as the last crab it hit

#1 Black crystal
- Destroyed by white orb, need 3 crabs  (crabs turn white again after not attacking for a few seconds)
#2 Yellow crystal
- Destroyed by blue orb, need 3 crabs  (crabs turn blue if attacked with magic
#3 Purple crystal
- Destroyed by green orb, need 2 crabs  (crabs turn green if attacked with ranged)
#4 Blue crystal
- Destroyed by red orb, need 2 crabs  (crabs turn red if attacked with melee)

Room 3: Ice Demon
- Pick up the bronze axe on the floor
- chop a tree once
- fill the brazier untill the ice demon melted
- finish him off, its not a hard fight


Room 4: Triple Shamans
- Avoid the puple spawns, they explode and deal damage
- You can stack up the 3 shamans, and kill them with AOE damage

Room 5: Vanguards
- You need all 3 combat styles (Ranged/Magic/Melee)
- You need to balance the damage on each vanguard (doing more than 40% of hp at once will reset the hp of ALL vanguards)
- you can tell which vanguard by: Melee = rocky tentacles / Magic = long tentacles / Ranged = short tentacles


Room 6: Scavenger room
- open 3 chests with "cavern grubs" and throw them in the feeding trough.
- the NPC will get low hp and go to sleep, now you can travel to the next room


Room 7: Cross-rope
- Kill both range & magic NPC before crossing the rope, or else you die quickly!
- pick up the crystal and dispel the magical barrier 


Room 8: Vespula
- Kill the boss with ranged or magic
- once he gets down to the ground, kill the portal and finish the boss with melee


Room 9: guardians
- Kill the guardians with the pickaxe found on the ground
Room 10: vasa nistirio
- At the start, Vasa nistirio teleports you to the middle, stuns AND hit you for 90+ damage
- Make sure you instantly heal back up, and keep distance from the boss to avoid rapid 22 damage hits
- The boss heals from the 4 crystals in the room, Kill the crystals with MELEE when it is healing


Room 11: witches
- Not complicated, just kill all 3 to progress to next room

Room 12: Mutadiles
- Kill the small crock first, the big one comes out after the small one died
- They will heal one time on half hp
- DO NOT stand in melee range when fighting the BIG mutadile!


Well done you managed to complete all the rooms!! 
If you did not die, you should have a decent amount of points by now.
There is still more than 500Million points obtained from the boss fight!

Room 13Boss Fight
- dodge all the falling stones to avoid big damage (p1,2,3)
- when the white portals spawn, stand on them to avoid big damage (p1,2,3)
- when green electric tornado's spawn. dodge them to avoid medium damage (p1,2,3)
- when rapid spikes fall down on you, keep running until it stops to avoid big damage (p3)
- when poison pools spawn, walk away to avoid big damage (p3)

Room 13: p1 Boss Fight
- kill the hand in the north with MAGIC
- kill the hand in the south with MELEE

Room 13: p2 Boss Fight
- kill the hand in the north with MELEE
- kill the hand in the south with MAGIC

Room 13: p3 Boss Fight
- kill the hand in the north with MAGIC
- kill the hand in the south with MELEE
- the magic hand in the north HEALS and can RESPAWN if you kill the melee hand too slow.


❤️I hope this was usefull for you guys!❤️
❤️I spent a lot of time into this❤️
❤️Please let me know if i need to change/add anyting❤️

If you want to see what a Speedrun looks like:

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