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Collection Log Completionist

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Hey! So I'm sure this is something that a lot of players on Redemption are doing, or are attempting to do, but I figured I'd share my progress here. My goal is to get as much of the Collection Log filled as I can. I know some of it is buggy, or I don't have access to some of the bosses, but I'm still going to try and fill out as much as I can. I won't be including any bosses that have bugged collection logs such as Olaf or Magegray. My progress isn't to incredible so far, but I'll be updating this as frequently as I see fit. Obviously there's going to be a ton of items that are incredibly hard to get completed, such as the Yu-Gi-Oh raid, but I'm still going to give it a shot! Stay tuned for my journey! I'll only be doing creatures that have multiple drops in their table. So something like the Mini Bosses won't be included as all they drop is Brutal Whips. My main goal is to get the easy ones sorted first, then start going for the more difficult tasks. Once I finish a log, I will post a picture of my log to see how dry I went on those items.


I am aware that slots in the collection log count for multiple locations (ie. Gold Coin drop counts for every npc that has it on their table).


Everything I have completed will be marked as Completed.




Abyssal Sire - 2/6 

Alchemical Hydra - 1/9 

Bork - 1/9

Chaos Elemental - 6/15 

Corporeal Beast - 0/8 

Dragonbone Protector - 1/5 

Executive Dragon - 2/5

Flame King - Completed at 1736 Kills

Flame Pernix - Completed at 1350 Kills

Forgotten Warrior - 1/7 

Groudon - 2/5 

Hades - 1/5 

Icy Skeleton - 4/13 

King Dreamer - 6/9 

Lachrym - 3/18 

Oblivion Dragon - 2/5 

Pheonix - 1/4

Riley Raid - 1/5 

Sea Troll Queen - 1/6

Skotizo - 1/8 

Sponsor Dragon - 7/10

Steroid Penguin - 5/11

Nightmare - 5/23 

Undead Lancelot - 1/9 

Vorago - 2/8 

Vorkath - 3/11




Arrav - 2/11

Chambers of Xeric - 0/14

Diablo - 8/12

Enraged Hades - 0/5

OG Dragon - 4/7

Raiden - 4/9

Shredder - 0/14

Starwars - 1/14

Theatre of Blood - 5/20

Vendura - 1/5

Voldemort - 5/9

Yu-Gi-Oh - 0/10


Clue Scrolls


Easy - 0/16

Hard - 0/33

Elite - 0/12

Dream - 0/28

If anyone is looking to help me through this journey, let me know. Mainly just to help completing the harder ones like Yu-Gi-Oh and ToB.


Thanks for checking it out, I'm looking forward to posting the progress.


PS. Yes, I ripped this off of a RuneScape Youtuber. smile.

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