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Redemption's Forums Event


Redemption's Forums Events  

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  1. 1. What kind of event would You guys Redemption Community would like to see?

    • Redemption's Bingo (New)
    • Questionaire or Millionaire (New)
    • Fashionscape (Old)

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Hello Dear Redemption Community today WE brought you some new and fun

Forums events, but we couldn't decide which one to host so we thought you know what?

We'll let our amazing community picks the event they like.


First of We got BINGO!

And you probably wondering what is bingo Gya?


Let me explain Bingo is New PVM event I thought of

Its simple I've picked a Specific Boss and Specific item that the boss drops

If one of you Obtains that item from the boss screen shot it with your in-game name down below.



For the seconds event we got QUESTIONAIRE OR MILLIONAIRE


How this event works? its simple

I'll list couple of question's down below and you Have to answer them will all honestly

Its easy and really simple.



For the third and last event We got FASHIONSCAPE


And I'm sure most of you know what this event is.

But for the people who doesn't let me explain


Its really easy and simple all  you have to do is Dress the best way you can

and post it down below with your in-game name! you may only post 1 costume


Here's an example:

(This is my outfit for the event)

(In game name: Gya)









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This poll will be locked/closed.

I will be hosting all events in the near future

(Not all at once)

Since our lovely forums manager approved

Thank you.




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