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Community Staff Feedback


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This is a joint feedback from the current community.






9aEeedt.gif.90d01c8b151fcd96abbe723cea371689.gif@LT LIMES [Owner] thailand300__27682.1567704252.gif?c=2: We have to admit, you have made a complete 180 when it comes to your activity in-game and Discord. There is always room for improvement since you have not long taken over the server but we can see you are trying your best. Keep striving to improve on yourself and the server.


9aEeedt.gif.90d01c8b151fcd96abbe723cea371689.gif @Willy [Co-Owner] SjtEPFT.png.315564060870a4be552705566ad5035c.png: We all agree that you have been doing an amazing job when it comes to putting the community together. You are a very active staff member who is willing to go above and beyond to make the server fun for everyone of us. Keep up the good work.




hXWV3qp.gif.3fec4534dc01a9a1b6509ed167995303.gif @Vaider[Server Manager] SjtEPFT.png.315564060870a4be552705566ad5035c.png: We must say, you are the WORST staff member when it comes to helping the community. Not to mention that when we do reach out to you for questions and help, you have no will or put in any effort on answering our questions in timely manner. We have to agree, your priorities are all over the place. We are not too sure if you are complacent and too comfortable in the position you are in at this time. We recommend that you will re-evaluate on how you can do to help the community and be more involved beside just dealing donation deals in-game.





 nRA8XQp.gif @JasonFlag-Canada.jpg & @Apex thailand300__27682.1567704252.gif?c=2 [Donation Admins]: You guys are doing a great job at being Donation Administrators, We believe that the owners have picked the correct people for the right position.


 GUOW4hk.gif @PoonSlayerツ [Community Admin] SjtEPFT.png.315564060870a4be552705566ad5035c.png: Great job in involving yourself in the community by hosting masses at Nightmare and Pest Control. Although we have noticed your activity has been decreased recently, hopefully you can get back on track because we enjoy your masses.


GUOW4hk.gif@ktrips [Community Admin] SjtEPFT.png.315564060870a4be552705566ad5035c.png: You are doing an amazing job when it comes to hosting community events and helping the community. You need to stop making it a habit to turn off private, when you get too many pms. A quality staff member of your ranking should easily have the time, and will to either help these players yourself, or shoot the players in the right direction. Asking for merit's shouldn't be a thing either, they should be earned yourself. All things aside, currently your ego makes you look like an asshole.


GUOW4hk.gif@jonsadikuu [Community AdminSjtEPFT.png.315564060870a4be552705566ad5035c.png: This staff member is very active on discord and in-game. His attitude in game shows how much he loves the server. He is involved in helping players in need and his knowledge helps answer the question that required by the newer/new players. We believe that you have done a great job on selecting this player to represent the staff team. We hope that he can reach out to other staff members where they can learn from him. He is very likable in the community and we hope and pray that he will continue to keep up with his attitude and love towards the server and the community.


GUOW4hk.gif@Rode [Community AdminSjtEPFT.png.315564060870a4be552705566ad5035c.png: We all agree that you was a great moderator prior to just getting promoted. You have a lot of knowledge about the game and are a great addition to the staff team. We hope you will continue helping the community and new players and not leave newer staff to deal with them as you have experience. 









SriVdUY.gif.d64e8311534aec796df6411f74c5fbaa.gif@peripheral [Ingame Helper] SjtEPFT.png.315564060870a4be552705566ad5035c.png: We all understand that you work long hours IRL, You have done a great job when it comes to taking a role as a Bookie, and listening to community feedback on how to improve this program. We love to see that you still enjoy playing this game where the community have seen you on the grind mode. Keep up the great work.


SriVdUY.gif.d64e8311534aec796df6411f74c5fbaa.gif@Prosignia [Ingame Helper] Flag-United-Kingdom.jpg: What do you actually do other than AFK? I bet you have over 1.5k tin ore in your bank.


SriVdUY.gif.d64e8311534aec796df6411f74c5fbaa.gif@Kloudz [Ingame Helper] SjtEPFT.png.315564060870a4be552705566ad5035c.pngFirst off, congratulations on achieving helper. From the little time you've been a part of the staff team, you've shown great efforts in helping players, whether I'd be on the discord, or ingame. You go out of your way to help players, and from what it seems, you actually seem like you genuinely enjoy helping players, which is key to being a great and respected staff member. Keep up the good work!


SriVdUY.gif.d64e8311534aec796df6411f74c5fbaa.gif@AwfulIron [Ingame Helper] Flag-New-Zealand.jpg: You are known in the community as a Mr. AFK. You are rarely communicating with the community, and we RARELY see you at the event that are being host. We are not sure if the position you are currently have actually suites you. I am surprised that AFK bot has not caught you yet and placed you in jail.


Thanks for reading my Staff Feedback I really do hope you like it.

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I personally agree with what jack said

I've been on a lot lately and barely seen any of the helpers / community admins

As for the admins I can agree they have to host deals but that doesn't mean they shouldn't reach out and help their players

Hope you can improve and become more active.


Or its maybe because of our different timezones.

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Nice to see feedback like this,

i can agree on most things.


i’m not sure if i agree on the feedback for prosignia. Also he is fairly new as helper. As a player he is awesome 👌🏼

also i don’t agree on the feedback on Ktrips. But maybe thats something personal with you and him.


and i’m not sure on vaider his feedback. I don’t have a opinion on this.

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I agree with 90% of what is written above good job gathering the public opinion.


Would like to flame you a little for not crowning DUTCH AS THE ABSOLUTE BEAST HE IS.


Imo Dutch deserves to be crowned as best dono admin if only he was able to be on more.

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Thanks for the feedback. My pms are always open =). I don't think youd ever talked to me before.  Youre always welcome to pm if you need help Jack.

I havent gotten a pm from you but sorry you feel this way. Again anyone is always welcome to pm and glad to help =). 

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I think you missed the whole point about Community feedback and not Jack's feedback? At the end of the day, its just an opinion of players, so don't take it to the heart. What is written above is how some of the member of this community is feeling towards the staff member.  @Vaider keep your chin up!

Edited by Lil Bowwow
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