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Davinci's News team application.

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Country and Timezone:

Sweden (CEST/GMT +2)


In-Game Username:



Forums Username:



Proof of days Played:



How often are you active in-game and on forums, Discord?

Daily, atleast 6 hours a day.


Why do you want this position?

I love this game, I would love to be part of a team that makes it even greater, to be able to share all the joy I see in my time here on Redemption.


What would you bring to the Dreamers Monthly?

A dedicated person that would do an excellent job, that would screenshot/record all the amazing stuff that is happening on here, I would like to talk to new players more and tell them about all the amazing stuff we got on here, Interview them about how their time here is and what they think about the community.


Are you willing to go out of your comfort zone?

Of course, it's the only way to grow as a person and learn new things.

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