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Ironman Zone


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What type of content is it? (QoL, Gambling, Raids, Bosses, Minigames, Event, etc)

A fully new Ironman Zone

What is the content called

Ironmans Workshop

How does it work?

Basically it's a workshop based on skilling.

Most skills which go in pairs are added (Woodcutting + Firemaking + Fletching) / (Mining + Smithing + Runecrafting) / ...

^Can still be reconsidered


The more skilling you do, the more Ironman points u get - These Ironman Points can be used in the Ironman Shop

The Ironman shop consists of 3 sorts of items



What rewards does it give?

1: Gear- You get to choose your Ironman set to become mainly 1 attack Style (Mage/Range/Melee) - (based on Plat sets)

This Gear can be upgraded using more Ironman Points, each piece requires X amount of Ironman Points.

The Gear itself would be a grind, but would be very rewarding aswell


2: Weapons- You get to choose weapons with the points - Think of BFG9000 - Inf Gauntlet + Stones - ...


3: Diversity of Items- For ironmen most items are very hard to obtain, as they cannot trade other players and have to depend on their own fully

YES, THIS WAS THEIR OWN CHOICE, but we can still make the game enjoyable for them aswell.

Items would be such as (2K20 Box / Black Diamond Box / Diamond Bag - Enchantment Stone / High-grade Enchantment Stone / Perfect Stone - DC Universe Lamp / ... ) 


Yes, most items are obtainable freely (think of Pest Control) - but having to hope that people will actually join in and carry you, isn't always fun.

This is a method based on purely grinding, as there's no difference in who has the better gear or who has the better stats.

The more you skill, the more you get rewarded.


~In a nutshell~

How will it benefit server/players?

Ironmen will have a more enjoyable game, without having to hope for carries of others and grind themself actual good items

How could it be expanded in the future?

Pets could be included / ...

What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered)

Well yes, it would be overpowered... But it's for Ironmen ONLY so don't believe this would influence the ECO


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