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DreamScape Update 148! Box of Treasure, Theatre of Blood Revamp, New Vorkath Drops, and tons of QOL & Bug Fixes!


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Brand new box featuring Dreamscape's BEST items!

Don't wait too long or your opportunity shall pass to get some of the best items for just $30!



Common: 3 out of 5

Trix Amulet+ 

Avery (i)

Ultra Pet Box 

Royal Mystery Box 

Mega Lottery Box 

Kismet Box 

Cyan Anniversary Stone

Blue Anniversary Stone 

Green Anniversary Stone

Yellow Anniversary Stone 

Pink Anniversary Stone 

Purple Anniversary Stone 

Tactical Box

Christmas Box 2020 

Box of Wisdom 

Star Box

$5 Bond

Daily Task Reset 

Perfect Enchantment Stone

Potion of Aggression 

Descimator9000 Goodiebox 

Shadow Pet Goodiebox 

Baby Yoda Goodiebox

Seasonal Goodiebox

Executive Totem Goodiebox

Thumper Goodiebox

Emperor’s Necklace Goodiebox

Executive Totem Goodiebox

Ultra Pet Box x3 

Royal Mystery Box x3 

Mega Lottery Box x3 

Christmas Box 2020 x2 

Star Box x3 

Infernal Hatchet 

Infernal Pickaxe 

Upgrade Protection Scroll 

Weapon battle pass skip: 

$5 Bond x3: 

Perfect Enchantment Stone x3 

Potion of Aggression x3

Super Star Box x2 

Ultra Pet Mystery Box x5 

Dream Mage Set 

Dream Range Set 


3 Out of 10


BFG9000 Offhand 

Infinity Gauntlets Charged:

Cosmetic Pet Override 

$5 Bond x 10 

Perfect Enchantment Stone x5 

Potion of Aggression x5 

Royal Mystery Box x5 

Diamond Bag x2 

Black Diamond Box x2 

Upgrade Protection Card x2 

Descimator9000 Goodiebox x5 

Shadow Pet Goodiebox x5 

Baby Yoda Goodiebox x5

Seasonal Goodiebox x5

Executive Totem Goodiebox x5



1 out of 15

Weapon Battlepass

Weapon Battlepass Skip x5

Owner Cape

Stone of Power

Sponsor Ticket

Perfect Enchantment Stone x10

$5 Bonds x20


1 out of 30

Poseidon Set

Mandalorian Set


Descimator9000 Off-hand


Emperor’s RIng

Emperor’s Necklace


1 out of 150 

Skull Descimator9000

Skull Descimator9000 Offhand

Baby Yoda Pet

Shadow Pet

Infinity Aura

Executive Totem








1-5x Vorkath Soul


Uncommon 1 in 250

10-25 x Gold DScoin

1-3 x Vorkath Key


Rare 1 in 500

25-50 x Gold DScoin


Ultra Rare 1 in 2500

50-100 x Gold DScoin 

DragonFire ward

Odium Ward

Ancient Wyvern Shield 

Vorkath Pet

Vorkath Helm

Vorkath Bod

Vorkath Legs

Vorkath Glove

Vorkath Boots



Vorkath Set:

10,000 Defense Bonus

5 Piece set bonus:

20% drop rate

20% double drop rate

20% Luck


30% Damage Reduction at Vorkath








 Common rewards

1-5 Gold DS Coins

Tactical box

Lottery Box

Enchantment Stone

AK-47 Asiimov

Khione's Staff

Golden Minigun



Uncommon Reward 1 in 200

Box of Wisdom

Kismet Box

Avery's Ring (i)

Ultra Pet Box

 Mega Lottery Box

 High Grade Enchantment stone

20-40 x Gold DS Coin



Rare drops 1 in 400

Black diamond box

Diamond Bag


BFG9000 Offhand

Perfect Enchantment Stone

Scroll of blood

 50-100 Gold DS Coins

 Lil zik


Ultra rare drops 1 in 1300

Scythe of Vitur

Justiciar faceguard

Justiciar body

Justiciar Legguards

 Sanguinesti Staff

Avernic Defender

















Getting a Task from the Platinum Zone Task Manager will grant one of the following tasks. 

Kill 100 Platinum Dragons

Kill 100 Demonic Guardians

Kill 5,000 NPCs

Kill 1,000 Olaf

Kill 1,000 Necromancer

Kill 1,000 Guardian of Am'orth

Kill 1000 Magegray

Kill 1,000 Shadow Kings

Kill 500 Chaos Elemental

Kill 1000 Icy Skeleton

Kill 500 Groudon

Kill 150 Hades

Kill 500 Diablo

Kill 500 Raiden

Kill 500 Vendura

Kill 500 OG Dragon

Kill 500 Voldemort

Kill 200 Vorago 

(players may chose to pay 15m to skip a task) 


Reward: 15,000 platinum tokens



Superior Platinum Armor T2 Changes


Platinum Partners may now chose to charge the T2 set with time rather than charges. 


Timed Charges:

150K Tokens = 6 hours

Full Charge = 24 hours











The Platinum Partner Slot Machine has amazing chances at custom credit to buff those customs! 




Dream Land Map




Battle NPCs among the clouds in our new Dream Land map! 




🔥Fixed errors with Daily Tasks

🔥Train points will be only given when completing tasks

🔥Lowered frequency of pet removal, weapon removal, and prayer disabling at Lachrym

🔥Lowered the total HP of Yugioh raid on Normal Mode

🔥Fixed examine info on battle pet totems

🔥Fixed issue with boxing ring

🔥Added hotdrop support to raids

🔥Removed daily cap on Hell arcade

🔥Fixed error on Platinum Teddy bear

🔥Added gambling experience to boxing and slot machines

🔥Damage cap of 200K added to Sotetsgeg to prevent bugging

🔥Add Platinum raids to ::mydrops

🔥Lowered All Nightmare Staff attack speeds to 1.2 and total hits to 3 as intended.

🔥Prevented stackable items to be all worn at once

🔥Lowered 2x Damage Cards in Executive Shop to 7.5K points

🔥Added additional support for live stat editor for more usability on custom orders. 

🔥Addressed an issue with equipping stacked items

🔥Addressed issue with pets default left click options

🔥Addressed an issue with Trinity Aura not giving correct bonuses

🔥Removed chat spam when attacking Alchemical Hydra 

🔥Allowed Battlpets to be Shift+Clicked

🔥Fixed an issue with battlepets and instances

🔥Addressed an issue with Donator Tabs appearing as Donator Tickets

🔥Fixed a bug with bonds being bulk sold to the Black Market Dealer

🔥Allowed Platinum Partners to purchase Platinum Tokens from shop directly from pouch

🔥Fixed an error regarding the Sponsor Instance

🔥Christmas Event removed

🔥Anniversary Event removed

🔥Added Platinum Partner exclusive yell color

🔥Added quick open feature to Ultra Mystery boxes

🔥Added Vorago to Platinum zone

🔥Addressed freezing issue with moving camera in certain areas

🔥Added in framework for HD client

🔥Updated Donator Shop





Stat increase to Icefire's PewPew

Stat increase to Night's Pimp Gloves and Boots

Model change for Act I's Divine Cloak\

Stat increase to Act I's Plasma Cutter

Increased hits on Swag's Gun

Addressed Issue with Will's Gunbai



If you do not see your customs here in this list, they are still W.I.P! 
However we will plan a quick update to include them SOON.
please reassure your customs are not forgotten! 





Nocturnal Umbral













New Zones Coming soon! 






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