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DreamScape Update 143! 6th Anniversary Questline! Avengers Update! QoL and more!


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We can't have a celebration without cake!?! Head on over to the cooking hut on ::skilling island and talk to the Master Chef! There is a rumor that he is the best cake maker in Gielinor! 


Master Chef is going to need some supplies before he can help. He will explain to you where they are all located. 










When you have all the required materials, take them back to the Master Chef for the lovely cake!

It doesn't stop here, the Master Chef offers another idea to take the cake to his friend in Draynor Village!


Once you arrive in Draynor take a trip over to the Witches house and see if she can help make the cake even better! 



The Witch will ask for 5 eyes of newt


These can be found by killing the giant frogs near Draynor Jail.



Once you bring the eyes of newt back she puts the cake in the cauldron and asks you to add the special potion! 




After you kill the cake boss the first time it will grant you the 6th Anniversary Pet! ❤️ 


Players may use the potion on the cauldron again and teleport back to the boss to farm the lovely drops! 




10k-70k DScoins


Uncommon 1 in 100

1 x Tactical Box

1 x Dynamic Box

1 x Event Box

1 x Pet Mystery Box

1 x Ultra Mystery Box


Rare 1 in 1000

Kismet Box (event)

Black Diamond Box (event)

Diamond Bag (event)

Royal Mystery Box (event)


Ultra Rare 1 in 2000

Blue Anniversary Stone

Cyan Anniversary Stone 

Pink Anniversary Stone 

Purple Anniversary Stone

Yellow Anniversary Stone 

Cake Boss Pet



The Anniversary Stones are boxes on their own, or they can be combined to create the 6th Anniversary Box! 

Each Stone has a unique drop table on its own with chances at the rare reward! 


All Stones share a common drop table for common and uncommon rewards! These lower rewards can be found below





Penguin Staff (u)

Blizzard Staff

Blizzard Virtus Mask

Blizzard Virtus Top

Blizzard Virtus Bottom

Collector’s necklace

1 x Gold DS coin

Soulflare X

Demon Minigun

Golden Minigun 

Aqua Spirit Shield

Inferno Spirit Shield 

AWP Asiimov 

5 x Gold DS coins

Electronic Katana

Ultimate Dream Katana

Khione Staff 

Infinity Gauntlet

Necromancer Jr

Space Boxing Gloves

Devious Helmet

Devious Body

Devious Leg

Crystal Helme

Crystal Bod

Crystal Legs

20 x Gold DS coins

Diablo Jr 


Uncommon - 1 in 150

Eternal Crystal Helmet

Eternal Crystal Body

Eternal Crystal Leg

AK-47 Asiimov 

Avery’s Ring 

Avery Ring (i)

Crystal Set

Devious Set

Emperor’s Set

Helicopter Pet


Uncommon - 1 in 250

Fire Hazard AK

Fortune lvl3

Augury lvl3

Mystic Lvl3

Berserker lvl3

Fortunate Favour lvl3

Perfect Enchantment Stone


Rare 1 in 500

Dream Helmet

Dream Body

Dream Legs

Dream Helmet (Blood)

Dream Body(Blood) 

Dream Legs(Blood)

Dream Mage Helmet

Dream Mage Body

Dream Mage Legs


Rare 1 in 1000

Thanos Pet

Dream Range Se

Dream Melee Se

Dream Mage Set


BFG9000 offhand

Ultron Pet


Ultra Rare Table is found below and is unique to each stone!



Blue Anniversary Stone


6th Anniversary Helmet Ice 

6th Anniversary Helmet Fire

6th Anniversary Sword Ice 

6th Anniversary Sword Offhand Ice 


Cyan Anniversary Stone


6th Anniversary Body Fire

6th Anniversary Body Ice

6th Anniversary Sword Fire

6th Anniversary Sword Offhand Fire



Green Anniversary Stone


6th Anniversary Legs Fire 

6th Anniversary Legs Ice 

6th Anniversary Rifle Fire

6th Anniversary Rifle Ice



Pink Anniversary Stone


6th Anniversary Gloves Fire

6th Anniversary Gloves Ice

6th Anniversary Staff

6th Anniversary Book


Yellow Anniversary Stone



6th Anniversary Cape Fire

6th Anniversary Cape Fire

6th Anniversary Banner

6th Anniversary Icon



Purple Anniversary Stone


6th Anniversary Boots Fire

6th Anniversary Boots Ice

6th Anniversary Shield Fire

6th Anniversary Shield Ice


Anniversary Box 

This is made from combining the 6 stones together to make the overall box! 


The Anniversary Box has a combined drop table of all 6 of the stone!

1 in 2000

6th Anniversary Helmet Ice 

6th Anniversary Helmet Fire 

6th Anniversary Sword Ice 

6th Anniversary Sword Offhand Ice

6th Anniversary Body Fire

6th Anniversary Body Ice

6th Anniversary Sword Fire

6th Anniversary Sword Offhand Fire

6th Anniversary Legs Fire

6th Anniversary Legs Ice

6th Anniversary Rifle Fire

6th Anniversary Rifle Ice

6th Anniversary Gloves Fire

6th Anniversary Gloves

6th Anniversary Staff

6th Anniversary Book

6th Anniversary Boots Fire

6th Anniversary Boots Ice

6th Anniversary Shield Fire

6th Anniversary Shield Ice

6th Anniversary Cape Fire

6th Anniversary Cape Fire

6th Anniversary Banner 

6th Anniversary Icon

6th Anniversary Bow



Let's take a look at the 6th anniversary exclusive items! 


6th Anniversary Bow


This bow also has a chance to deal 2.5x damage! 

Speed: 0.6

Number of hits: 4

AOE ( 9 x 9 )


6th Anniversary Staff


(I know it shows range, but it is fixed to mage) 

Speed: 1

Number of hits: 3

AOE ( 3 x 3 )



6th Anniversary Book



6th Anniversary Sword (Fire) 


This sword also has a 1 in 10 chance to Burn your enemy for 2x damage! 

Speed: 0.6

Number of hits: 2

AOE ( 3 x 3 )


6th Anniversary Sword Offhand (Fire)



6th Anniversary Sword (Ice)


This sword has a chance to freeze your enemy for 2x damage!


Speed: 0.6

Number of hits: 2

AOE ( 3 x 3 )


6th Anniversary Sword Offhand (Ice)



6th Anniversary Rifle (Fire)


This Rifle also has a 1 in 10 chance to Burn your enemy for 2x damage! 

Speed: 1

Number of hits: 2

AOE ( 3 x 3 )



6th Anniversary Rifle (Ice) 


Speed: 1

Number of hits: 2

AOE ( 3 x 3 )


6th Anniversary Armor Set (fire)




6th Anniversary Armor Set (Ice)







We have received a lot of reports of players wishing to remove the battle pass of their weapon for a variety of reasons. So we figured we would allow this feature! You will now find a right click option to Remove Battle Pass! 
NOTE: This does not refund your battle pass or tier skips so chose wisely! 









After seeing how tedious farming executive raids are, we decided to add a new command to make farming work a little easier!
Executive+ players will now be able to use ::exeraid







Elo Alerts! 


With this new alert system, you won't have to stress as much about remember that elusive elo!


World Boss Alerts


We know how irritating it can be when a world boss spawns and you miss the announcement. We decided to add a reoccurring announcement in the chat to help you get to those pesky world bosses!  





It has been a while since we made changes to the avengers arcade. In honor of the Black Panther actor, Chadwick Boseman, passing away recently, we decided to create a lovely armor set in his honor. This armor set can be dropped from Avengers Arcade! 



(the texture on the set is not showing in this picture - I will update this photo in a moment :) ) 


We also added a bonus drop rate to the Universe Ring! When using this ring in arcade you not only get bonus damage but also higher drop rates!









Addressed an issue with the Halloween Scythe equipping incorrectly 

Removed Dragon Claws from Sandi Ewok

Addressed an issue with Event Manager Rank permissions

Addressed an issue with Zulrah combat 

Addressed an issue with missing effects on Achievement System and Capes

Addressed an issue with yelling in nightmare raid

Addressed an issue with banking in sponsor zone

Addressed an issue with some items not being able to be used as cosmetic

Added double ToB points to perks for ToB day

Removed premade t'd crunch from royal boxes

Addressed an issue with a few achievement tasks not tracking properly 









Custom item notes / changes

Addressed a stat issue with Swaggys Wings 

Addressed an issue with Swaggy Icon

Lilahoff God Slayer stat increase

Big Willy Stat increase

Addressed an effect issue on Sweaty's Drip



Custom Order Notes
If you do not see your customs here in this list, they are still W.I.P! 
However we will plan a quick update to include them SOON.
please reassure your customs are not forgotten! 

New Custom Items! 

Gwakamoly added a lovely offhand to his collection 😛 

Brain Drain

BigBrainz amazing new mainhand ❤️ 



Fire Descimator9000

Fire Twist has joined the custom squad :) 





We are currently looking into some new additions and as you may have heard we are working on a new client version that will allow us to run wild with new additions. We are adding HD! Don't worry, we are still sticking with the old school feel but with cleaner graphics!



There is still a lot of work to be done, but we are on track to having a very clean looking system :) 




We are also looking into a new pet system ;) 



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