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Dreamscape Update 141.5! Bug Fixes and More!


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Demonic Guardian


The Demonic Guardian has been terrorizing our Platinum Players for far too long. 

I decided to put him in an invisible cage! He can no longer attack you and you can no longer attack it if you are not within a 5 square radius of his spawn point. This will allow you to farm the platinum dragon in peace! 





Rank Announcements 


Platinum Players and Staff deserve recognition for their dedication to the server. So why not create an announcement every time one of them logs in? 


[Platinum Partner] Player has logged in! Bow to them!


[Helper] Player has logged in! If you need some help pm away!


[Moderator] - Playername has logged in. Do you have an issue? They will be sure to help!


[Event Manager] - Playername has logged in. Hop in the DS Discord event chat and lets have some fun!


[Development Team] - Playername has logged in. Found a bug or have an idea? Pm away.


[Admin] - Playername has logged in. Are you looking for some juicy donation deals? Pm me for more details!


[Manager] - Playername has logged in. Is there an issue that needs handled or a question that needs answered? My PMs are open! 


[Owner] - Playername has logged in. All hail the mighty Chuck! 


For those that like to slide under the radar, don't worry! This announcement can be turned off for our lovely Platinum Members! 



Zulrah Damage Caps 

Platinum Players will find a raised damage cap in Zulrah! 
They can now hit 7500!





Everyone who has killed Vorkath knows the hassle it causes by having to teleport out after every kill then come back. So we removed the need to! Vorkath will now respawn at a normal respawn rate making is so you don't have to worry about the pesky nature of leaving and joining and repeating. Just grind away! 









  • Addressed an issue with incorrect item on Sponsor Dragon drop table
  • Sponsor Armor made untradeable as intended. 
  • Galaxy Emperor Legs fix
  • Addressed an issue with Karma Quest - Teleport bug
  • Nightmare rare reward announcement fixed
  • Removed an old login announcement
  • Addressed issues with Development Team Rank
  • Addressed issues with Event Team Rank
  • Addressed wrong item on DC Arcade drop table
  • Addressed an issue with receiving the wrong item from vending machine
  • Removed the warning message when teleporting to Zulrah
  • Removed the daily kill cap message from Zulrah
  • Addressed an issue where the BFG Upgrade Totem was not working with BFG9000 (i)
  • Addressed an issue with hades souls not combining into keys. 
  • Addressed an issue with instanced platinum raids not counting for daily tasks. 








Custom item notes / changes

Just a Gun Stat Increase/untradeable

Big Willy effect adjustment 

Poon's Slayer effect adjustment



Custom Order Notes
If you do not see your customs here in this list, they are still W.I.P! 
However we will plan a quick update to include them SOON.
please reassure your customs are not forgotten! 

New Custom Items! 



One of our favorite youtubers took the next step and now is the proud owner of a custom weapon! 

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