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Shorten Sponsorzone Command, Sponsor dragon pet & voting


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What's the current issue?  Not an issue just long having to type something which can be shorten but ::sponsorzone command, sponsor dragon kill counter and the pet. Also not being able to see how many votes till vote boss.
What's your suggested way of fixing it? Shorten the sponsor zone command down to ::sz just like extreme donator command. Add an sponsor dragon kill counter and pet. Display a counter each time a player votes.
How will this benefit player/server? Having ::sz added will just make it easier and faster for players to visit the sponsor zone and be able to grind the monsters available. Having a kill counter for the boss will allow players to track KC and show off how many they have done for a rare drop. Sponsor zone dragon will just be a really cool cosmetic pet sponsors can get to also show off how amazing the sponsor rank is. Adding the voting boss counter will make people vote just to be able to take part of the event.


How could this be expanded in future? There isn't room for expansion towards the command but for the kill counter maybe have a global notification once somebody gets a mega rare item from it which also tells every one which KC the player got it at. Regarding the pet it could possible morph into another sponsor zone boss that get released in the future. Such as if a pink corp was to be added the pet version could be upgraded together so you can morph both pets together and not have two different pets.
What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) None pets purely cosmetic. The command to help save time and effort and the kill counter wont do no harm to anybody. The voting boss counter might get a little annoying but surely a alternative option can be found to stop the major spam.









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