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Clue scroll QOL!


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What's the current issue?

--clue scrolls--

What's your suggested way of fixing it?

--rather than getting the reward straight up from the last step, i propose the reward be given to you as a casket just like real runescape--

How will this benefit player/server?

--I think it would be cool to be able to stack up clues and be able to open them all for a rush of serotonin.--

How could this be expanded in future?

--I Have some ideas involving upgrades. like say you finish 10 easy clues you can combine them into 1 of the next tier or rather 5 into the next tier. and could also bring light to more ideas for clue steps or better rewards. Better yet, a point system for clues completed and add another shop that would contain stuff for clues, such as teleports to the tree gnome village step, or an amulet that would give you the benefit of having all the equipment for emote steps,  or an armor set that gave a bonus towards scavenger or luck? lots of ideas to play with and clue scrolls are something that everyone asks about on any server. i feel like clue scrolls can be more customized to suit the dreamscape setting.--

What negative effect could this have?

--I Don't really see anything wrong with the idea. I feel like it's just a QOL update for a very grindy game.--


thank you for coming to my TED talk.

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