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Skull Descimator9000 BUFF


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What's the current issue?

Currently the Skull Descimators have a small stat boost compared to the normal descimators and are not really worth going for atm and are pretty difficult to obtain.


What's your suggested way of fixing it?

To add 5% droprate boost and 10% damage boost to the SKULL Descimator9000


How will this benefit player/server?

This will make people grind the game and obtain a large cash stack to go and upgrade their normal descimator9000 for a 10% chance to obtain the SKULL descimator9000 from ::upgrade

or by donating and hunting it from the goodiebag island.

How could this be expanded in future?

Possibly adding small bonuses or effects.

What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered)

None because this buff will help it make a bit better but nowhere near to the point of it being overpowered.

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