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News Team Application/Requirements


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1. ) You must never bring forth your application to anyone under any circumstances.

2.) You must meet all the requirements that are set for the position.

3.) The application must be filled out entirely and correctly, failure to do so will be an immediate decline.

4.) You may only apply once every 3 weeks.

5.) You must not ask for vouches from people.

6.) Forbidding any of these the application will be automatically declined. 

7.) You must have a medium to strong knowledge of English

8.) You must have joined the Forums at least one months ago.

9.) You must have at least 20 Forum posts.

10.) You must be able to devote time to the Redemption Monthly.

11.) You must be active on Discord at least 4 days of the week.

12.) You must be active in-game and on the forums.

13.) You must have a minimum 5 days of playtime.

14.) You must stay in touch on Discord & Offical News Team Discord








Country and Timezone:


In-Game Username:


Forums Username:


Proof of days Played:


How often are you active in-game and on forums, Discord?


Why do you want this position?


What would you bring to the Redemption Monthly?


Are you willing to go out of your comfort zone?


For any doubts, questions or guidelines, please pm @Hephaistos on Forums, In-game or Discord.


Thanks, Regards

News Team Management 

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