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Dreamscape Update 132! Player Own Shops Update, New Japanese Bosses, New Lottery Box, Bug fixes and more!


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Hello Dreamers! We are moving into the New Year with big plans, New contents New interfaces and more

In this Patch, we will be releasing the new and improved " Player Own Shops " We have renamed it to Market Place if you have not noticed! Along side with this we have some new contents and ton of bug fixes! Lets view them all below! 






Market Place! Player-Owned Shops have received a complete make over and many more request improvement on our OLD and boring outdated system! With this New Market Place, Players can track their sales, check on an item's listing history and many more. 

Buying option has been disabled, We will be releasing the buying listing in the near future. 

Players can still purchase items via the ITEM SEARCH function. 


The NPC to access market place, never changed, Players who are EXECUTIVE Rank and above still have access to ::pos and ::mypos

Players can now List up items with ease and adjust the price with a new function of increase 5% or decrease 5% 

( this is to cater to the Buying option which will be release in the near future)



Personal Listing History ( Buy / Sell )



You can even search up on most RECENT listing and history

Search up on a SPECIFIC item listing history 

This will help Newer players understand prices to avoid getting scammed and have a better understanding of item prices


In the near Future with the option added to Create a Buying List to be released the Market Place will be perfected and be completed! 


Now! Merch your way to the richest with all these new functions!  







Japanese Bosses are here to conquer dreamscape


Boss is made for players who want to progress towards mid game



boss location




boss' drops






* note Hanzou's Axe works like throwing axes *

a fun and unique item to have! 









Good luck dreamers on getting some japanese boss's item drop






A new Donation Box has arrived! 

It is the lite version of a Box of Wealth

You can purchase them at WEBSTORE

When opening you will get DS Coins on Random

Stand a chance to win up to 500M DS coins 








Based on Player's request! 
We are releasing a Daily Task Reset Token on the WEBSTORE

Completed your Tasks? Can't wait for the reset? just use a reset token to reset all 4 difficulty of Daily Task






We have improved the way cosmetic items work
as of now you can equip ANY ITEMS into your cosmetic slot when you right click, Select Equip as Cosmetic

This will remove the item's stats and bonuses as a cosmetic and You can have it on as a Decorative piece!

However this will still not affect Weapons.








We have changed the rewards to Vote Box 

When opening the box you should get a random reward! 

Super Mystery Box

Dynamic Box
Warfare Box
Omega Box
Tactical Box
Ultra Mystery Box
1m DS Coins
Donator Ticket
Super Donator ticket
Minigun - 20509
Golden Minigun
Extreme Donator Ticket


Once you have voted on all 4 of the Vote pages

you will receive a RUNE LOCUS BOX! 

2 x Super Mystery Box
2 x Dynamic Box
2 x Warfare Box
2 x Omega Box
2 x Tactical Box
2 x Ultra Mystery Box
2 x 1m DS Coins
1 x Event box
1 x Donator Ticket
1 x Super Donator ticket
1 x Minigun
1 x Golden Minigun
1 x Extreme Donator Ticket
1 x Ak Asiimov - 22587
1 x Khione Staff - 22397
1 x Sword of the protectorate





Fixed a bug with Xebos

Fixed a bug with multilogger

Fixed Crystal Chest issue

Fixed POS item search

Fixed NPC drop viewer not displaying sometime

Fixed starter task not showing sometimes

Fixed issue with drop tracker

Fixed voting abuse

Fixed dupe with cosmetics overwrite

Fixed cosmetic not working after entering raids

Fixed server's stability ( game play should be smoother )

BattleGround balancing 

- removed OP items such as Thor's Hammer, PVP armors and Captain America Shield

- chaotic weapons balanced

- Start of the game players are given a set of equipment, food and potions ( range or melee )

- Final 4 will be teleported to the final area where they will face off each other instead of the usual 5

- Fixed pathing issues at the final area 

Raid hub and Voldermort's map has received a Graphical update 

Dreamzone improvements

- ::dreamzone to teleport to NPC Dreamy Wizard

- cost to enter dreamzone has been reduced to 250k Ds coins

- Premium Dreamzone, Area will be instanced  and multi. Cost will be 5,000,000 ds coins to enter

balancing and changes of Revenants

- Removed Player Killing from Revs

- All revenants has a chance to give 10PKP per kill

GrandLottery is now Automated with Big Prizes

Added Hide Attack options in SETTINGS ( Toggle for Left click Attack or Right Click attack NPCS )










Twitchu's Acidic Sycthe

Custom Donation 



Corrupted Blaster

Custom Donation




Here comes the Boom

Custom donation







Dreamscape's Team of developers are currently working on a NEW Home map

It is nearing completion! Things to expect in the next update! 

A New home that no other RSPS has ever done before

Platinum Statue to showcase each and every platinum partner's contribution!

New Bosses

New End game Gear

and many many more! 

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