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Dreamscape Update 127 DreamLand Minigame, Seasonal Pass, Enchantments and many more !


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Hey there fellow Dreamers! The long await update is finally here! All new DreamLand Minigame, Seasonal Pass and enchantments and many more!  There are a bunch of bug fixes.

Big thank you to everyone who has reported them!

Keep Scrolling! 






Introducing the DREAMLAND! 

it's like having a DREAM! Fighting all variety of Dreamscape's Bosses in an Arena!

Climbing the Dream up to 100 Waves! Each wave will get more and more difficult 




The NPC, Shop, Portal to enter is located in the Games Room West of ::home just below the arcade consoles


DreamLand mode Switcher 

Speak to the DreamLand NPC to switch between modes
1 . you can access the bank 
2. you can't access the bank


While in Dreamland mini-game all healing effects are reduced 50% 



Area to Bank 



Boss Fight Area


DreamLand Shop  



The shop will have more items in the future! possibly a new best in slot glove and boots! stay tuned!


New items are Special Bandage and Flame Fragment 


Special Bandage 

It's an item that will heal you to full. Infinite usage! However, There is a cool down of 25 seconds per use.


Flame Fragment

It's an item where you will have to use it on an AK-47 Asiimov to upgrade it to Fire Hazard AK-47

at a success rate of 50% 








Enchantments will revolutionize the way you upgrade your gear in DreamScape!

Giving you the edge over your peers with Enchanting! 


You can ENCHANT ANY ITEM with STATS! including customs
if your custom item gets destroyed we are not accountable for it

Enchantments can go up to a max of +15 

+1 = 5% extra stats

+2 = 10% extra stats and so on 

a max of +15 will give you 75% extra stats 


When enchanting and you failed your enchantment, item will go down 1 level of enchantment
Example: +8 and you failed you will go back to +7 


Whenever you fail an Enchantment, there is a 1% chance your item will be destroyed

Only the PERFECT ENCHANT STONE has protection over destruction of item


Important Notes

Enchantments will not carry over when you upgrade your items via ::upgrade chest 
it will only stay on the specific item you enchanted.

Enchantments are Character Bind.
if you trade over an item you have enchanted before it will show up as a regular items without the enchantments

Items itself remains trade-able however the enchantments stays even if u lose your item.

Example e11459ef12007df9bfcba7b17d9db066.gif



There are 3 kinds of Enchant Stones


Enchantment Stone 
High-Grade Enchantment Stone

Perfect Enchantment Stone


Enchantment Stones has the lowest Success Rate out of the 3 stones

Obtainable from any NPCs in game, 1 in 5000 chance

+1 = 50% chance
+2 = 40% chance
+3 = 30% chance
+4 = 20% chance
+5 = 10% chance 
+6 and above 5% chance


High-Grade Enchantment Stone has a decent success rate out of the 3 stones

Obtainable only from Raids, 1 in 500 chance to get one 

+1 = 95% chance
+2 = 90 % chance
+3 = 80% chance
+4 = 70% chance
+5 = 60% chance
+6 = 50% chance
+7 = 40% chance
+8 = 30% chance
+9 = 20% chance
+10 = 10% chance 
+11 and above = 5% chance


Perfect Enchantment Stone has the best odds in enchanting! 

Obtainable only from the Webstore  ( This are not eligible for Goodie-bags )

+1 = 95% chance
+2 = 95% chance
+3 = 95% chance
+4 = 95% chance
+5 = 95% chance
+6 = 95% chance
+7 = 90% chance
+8 = 80% chance
+9 = 70% chance
+10 = 60% chance
+11 = 50% chance
+12 = 40% chance
+13 = 30% chance
+14 = 20% chance
+15 = 10% chance
+16 and above 5%

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

When using Enchantment Stone and High Grade Enchantment Stone to upgrade from +1 and above
A WARNING MESSAGE will appear to notify players that item has a chance to be destroyed however message will only appear once until relog

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 


How do you enchant ? 
its as simple as "using the stone" on the item of choice 





You can show off your enchantments when it is +10 and above your item will have a nice aura around it 
Weapons will have a
RED glow 
Armors will have a
WHITE glow




Enchantment Bonuses 

You can view your enchantment bonuses via your equipment tab 


The green numbers are your additional stats
example your actual bonus when equipping a
BFG9000 +10 
Range attack = 5500 + 2500 = 8000 Range attack
Range Strength = 4950 + 2250 = 7200 Range Strength


Good luck in enchanting! Will we ever see a +15 Enchantment in game?






DreamScape's very own SEASONAL PASS! 

Once opened, the Season will last for 60days ! 

you can access it via ::seasonpass to open up the interface
where you can access varies activities to level up your pass!






You will have access to FREE Pass by default, you can unlock your pass to get the paid version via the Webstore

You can even purchase Pass levels via the  Webstore or with in-game cash! 

( Seasonal pass and Season pass levels are not eligible for Goodie-bags )

The pass will have different tiers to show your progress towards the end where you will get rewards like custom items, boxes, DS coins and more! 


The Free pass is limited to Level 100, where you will stop receiving rewards after that. 

The Paid Pass can go up towards level of  300+! 


There are daily seasonal task to complete to receive seasonal pass exp to increase your pass level which resets daily



Doing Varies Activities will also help level up Season Pass

Opening Boxes such as Super Mystery Box, Tactical Box, Dynamic Box, Box of Wealth, Dream Mystery Box and Ultra Mystery Box. 

These Boxes will give 0.1 Season Pass Tier


Opening boxes such as 2K19 Box, Easter Box and Centurion Box 

These boxes will give 0.5 Season Pass Tier 

Opening Black Diamond Box will give 1 Season Pass tier 


Seasonal pass activity Points
Any Arcade Completion - 1 Tier
Any Raid Boss kills - 0.1 Tier 
Every 100 NPC kills - 0.1 Tier 
Every Battle-Ground Game Win - 5 Tier
Every 1 Hourly of being active - 0.5 Tier ( caps at 5 Tier every 24 hourly ) 


You can even purchase Season Pass levels with 200m DS Coins 




There are plenty of Custom Seasonal Items in the Season pass up for grabs for collection!

you can view the possible rewards down below of the thread at "custom items"  
A special Season Dye is in the list of rewards 
this special dye can be applied to a list of items possible 
BFG9000 offhand
Helicopter Pet

Icy Glaive 


All seasonal Items have the same stats as the original item just a different look 


Do note if u plan to Dye your items with the Season Dye you will lose your enchantments





To help with DreamScape's current economy situation we are introducing POS tax
Tax will auto deduct 5% off your sale in the POS
We are also aware of situations where you have more than 2B in your collection chest, however when you claim 

you do not get the full amount. We will be introducing an auto convert system in the collection chest in the coming future to deal with this issue









We are nerfing the ELO system. It was creating a very unfair advantage and a very big gap difference in players who has over 200-300 Elo. Elo was never intended to go above 100%. 

 The new Elo will now cap at 100% 
we are also nerfing the multiplier to a max of 1.1x 
giving you a 10% stats boost.







We have added a new list of items the black market dealer will take in for DS coins 

All values are in DS coins 


Flame Torva Helm - 5k
Flame Torva Body - 5k
Flame Torva Legs - 5k 
Flame Pernix Cowl - 5k
Flame Pernix Body - 5k
Flame Pernix Chaps - 5k
Flame Virtus Mask - 5k
Flame Virtus Robe Top - 5k
Flame Virtus Robe Bottoms - 5k

Wolverine Torva Helm - 10k
Wolverine Torva Body - 10k
Wolverine Torva Legs - 10k

Dragonbone full helm (U) - 5k
Dragonbone Platebody (U) - 5k
Dragonbone Platelegs (U) - 5k

Elite Torva Helm - 10k
Elite Torva Body - 10k
Elite Torva Legs - 10k
Elite Pernix Cowl - 10k
Elite Pernix Body - 10k
Elite Pernix Chaps - 10k
Elite Virtus Mask - 10k
Elite Virtus Robe Top - 10k
Elite Virtus Robe Bottoms - 10k

Blizzard Virtus Mask - 150k
Blizzard Virtus Top - 150k
Blizzard Virtus Legs - 150k
Blizzard Shield - 250k

Crystal Key (+) - 1500k 
Crystal Key - 1.5k
Trix Orb - 1000k

Drygore Offhand - 1
Drygore Offhand (u) - 1k
Ice Katana - 2k




We have decided to give our damage visuals a new look and cleaner look

When you deal damage above 10k, you will now see  " 10k " instead of 10000







Added a button to skip starter task, however you will lose your first time bonus of 25% drop rate temporary 

you can also use ::skipstartertask 






Once again we are on Bonds again...
After reviewing the on going situation with Bonds
it was overtaking the rules of selling $30 for 200m in game.
Players were taking advantage of bonds and inflating the price.

After much consideration, we have decided to add DS coins to the Bond Shop where players can exchange their donator tickets for 1B cash.



Admins will NO longer accept Bonds for Goodie-bag picks.

We will not take bonds in exchange for Customs orders 

Bonds are only to be spent at the Bond shop located at ::shops 



We will be reviewing how this will affect bonds in the future and provide better incentives for bonds.
However due to the current situation with bonds this will hopefully help balance out Bonds prices.


Side note: Added new items to the bond shop
Perfect Enchant Stone and 1B Ds coins 






Congratulations to the Player 


discord user : ninfin#8436

Kindly contact me on discord / ingame :)


Thank you everyone for entering the raffle and your continuous support! 




Fixed issue with Groudon Pet not registering in POS.

Fixed issue with Gearviewer bug abuse.

Fixed issue with ::exe not taking player to the new executive zone's raid portal

Fixed issue with Platinum Shop unable to purchase Platinum Tokens

Fixed issue with ::roof freezing and crashing when climbing a ladder

Fixed issue with Dream potions bug

Fixed issue with "blue damage indicator" it is supposed to hit 0

Removed Prayer Blessing's notification e.g " The vortex rushes through you!"

Removed DS Social's Teleporting feature causing issues and under used

Altered Olafs and Guardian of A'morths Prayer protection to block 90% of damage

Added a new icon for teleport located at the bottom left side of user's interfaces








Custom Donation
Dreamz40's Piano


Seasonal Ak-47
Season Pass Reward 


Seasonal Devious Set
Season Pass Reward 



Seasonal BFG9000 & BFG9000 Offhand
Season Pass Reward / Season Dye 



Seasonal Glaive
Season Pass Reward / Season Dye 



Seasonal Thumper
Season Pass Reward / Season Dye 



Seasonal Banner
Season Pass Reward / Season Dye 



Seasonal Death Cape
Season Pass Reward / Season Dye 



Seasonal Scythe of Virtur
Season Pass Reward / Season Dye 



Seasonal Helicopter
Season Pass Reward / Season Dye 


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Perfect Enchantment Stone has the best odds in enchanting! 

Obtainable only from the Webstore  ( This are not eligible for Goodie-bags )

+1 = 95% chance
+2 = 95% chance
+3 = 95% chance
+4 = 95% chance
+5 = 95% chance
+6 = 90% chance
+7 = 80% chance
+8 = 70% chance
+9 = 60% chance
+10 = 50% chance
+11 = 40% chance
+12 = 30% chance
+13 = 20% chance
+14 = 10% chance
+15 = 5% chance


Whenever you fail an Enchantment, there is a 1% chance your item will be destroyed

Only the PERFECT ENCHANT STONE has protection over destruction of item

Updated* correct value 

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Hello CJbear and staff,


Although, I believe there to be some promising updates within this thread for new players- new minigame/new player improvement support/some money sinks for the eco/new Battlepass uniqueness. Personally, I am still iffy on enchantments as I have seen other RSPS utilize this approach, then flop with certain limitations of growth further on items-nonetheless, if one server can do it, Dreamscape can (best wishes!)! Though, one specific thing that really grinds my gears...ELO/DMG Reduction.


Humbly vocalizing my deep disappointment on the ELO/Dmg reduction...Respectfully, Elo was a fun way to drive folks further to play daily, and gave a competitive edge for those dedication on logging consistently (getting those 100 kill gainz). Additionally, some plat crates were previously awarded some extra ELO + perk was 2% faster, which is frustrating as these perks are now voided in essence per to the nerf as there is a cap (please see below)...



Quite honestly, Elo was already nerfed within Raids/turtles alone (if anyone checked their stats after doing one raid/they would see their stats reset to normal--this was never fixed as noted). Secondly, Elo allowed a competitive advantage and extra initiative to PVM further working on specific bosses where this perk was not nerfed (arcade/strykewryms/standard slayer).  Kindly a better approach should have been increasing the cap of 1% elo--- maybe to 500 or 1,000 npc kills daily? Or More?


All due respect, I strongly do not like the justification of reducing ELO (do not fix what is not broken). Those whom grinded out and reaped the enjoyment of this expectation of higher DMG output are now left in disarray.


**If you ask me, I do not seek to PVM again, and will just be walking around talking to people going forward. God bless the direction of DS, not a fan of this decision + makes my custom set essentially useless without the added Expected DMG output support with it (I know a few people can speak to this as well). 


Thanks for hearing me out... my best wishes as always, and really hope ELO/DMG output decision is reverted or taken into further consideration. 




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