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CJ' and C1 Story Time event!


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Event date : 22/7/2019 - 5/8/2019


Screenshots have to be DreamScape Related

Submit your Entry with a screenshot of your choice and a short paragraph to describe it

Example given :


why are these two even still my friends? :frogsad:


The funniest / best entry will WIN






x 1 2k19 for the winner 


A participation prize of 2x event boxes just for entering






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"Just climb onto the table!" Wailed Werwg, in despair at the thought of his father leaving him again. The young Werg had outgrown his father, who now trembled in fear at every temper tantrum he threw. "I won't let you leave me again! This time I'm keeping you here for good!" Wewerg Whined. Little did he know, his dad really was just trying to go get groceries, to feed his growing boy. Wewg was known to eat a bit too much. Some called him Wregw the Whale, but only behind his back. "I wont let you leave..." Whimpered Wergn, one last time...



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