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Quick mini-patch, New goodieboxes! New Arcade mode!


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We are pleased to hit you with the second update in less then a week!

Patching a few necessary bugs as well as bringing you some new content!






Introducing the arcade's most requested game mode!





With huge rewards at waves 75, 100, 125 and beyond you cannot miss out on the Grind!

Featuring a cross over between normal arcade and avengers arcade npc's this minigame is not for the faint hearted!




You can start the Arcade Endless at the ::arcade machine at home, you must sacrifice an infernal cape to enter Arcade Endless

You will require the top gear, tactics and flawless techniques to even get close to waves in the 3 figure range!




Waves 1-55 - Same as extreme arcade
Wave 65 - After this wave items that heal you / soulsplit should limit the healing they do by 50% (every other hit)
wave 70 - After this wave falling rocks will hit you as you progress hitting 20 damage each time
Wave 75 - Reward - Tri-brid cape / Ability to start endless arcade at wave 50
Wave 80 - After this wave items that heal you / soulsplit should limit the healing they do by another 50% (once every 4 hits)
Wave 90 - After this wave you will get hit with poison each new wave
Wave 95 - After this wave there are numerous explosions, if you are standing on the explosion you get 1 hit
Wave 100 - If you complete this level you will receive a mystery prize.





Introducing 3 new goodie boxes for you!


The Thumper Goodiebox

The Emperor's Necklace Goodiebox

The Emperor's Ring Goodiebox


These much requested new donation items give you a chance to make absolute bank without paying it!










We have revamped the Quantum boots to fit more appropriately with our Space texture denoting end game equipment theme!



We have added an arrow to let you know where diglet is hiding!




We have made it so you will not lose drop rate when you upgrade your Dream Armour Sets





We have fixed an issue preventing the number 1 donators pos from displaying

We have fixed an issue that prevented type challenges from displaying

We have fixed a bug that prevented content that used the alert system from working

We have made it so the abyssal sire will respawn (preventing you from teleporting in and out)

We have fixed a bug that prevented Cerberus from hitting damage

We have fixed a bug that prevented the abyssal sire's drops from appearing





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