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After listening to your suggestions and complaints about rev's being too busy we have decided to add an expansion to revs!
The boss teleport version of rev's still functions as it always has, however we have added a new limited access Instanced Rev Area! This private location allows you to kill Rev's at your own pace without being crashed or losing out to AOE weapons!
To access this area you will need one of three things...
Rev Pass
Trix Amulet (+)
Emperor's Necklace
Rev Pass (Limited)
This Pass is valid for 1000 kills before it teleports you out and you must buy another one
These Rev Passes can be bought from DurkaDurka at home and the passes cost 500k
Please note: These passes will disappear after use, so be sure to maximise the time you have available to kill the revs to ensure you make the most of your purchase.
be0bf9efdb62f28c49cd370b3a0b33dc.png         Trix (+)    be0bf9efdb62f28c49cd370b3a0b33dc.png
This new amulet (not to be confused with the Trix (i) can be bought from the Donator Store
It has the stats and effects as regular trix (i)
But it has a right click teleport option that allows you unlimited access to the Instanced revs
bN5nrsE.pngEmperor's Necklace bN5nrsE.png
We have also added the above teleport to the Emperor's Necklace (see below for more info)






We have also added 2 new rewards to the Wilderness Shop:

Donator ticket - 10k points

pop protection scroll - 20k points









We have brought back achievement category for Competitive Accounts!
You will not only win a prize if you are the first account to complete all achievements, but for every achievement you complete you will receive one of the following:
Easy - Super Mystery Box
Medium - Invictus Box
Hard - Tactical Box
Elite - Dream Mystery Box
Please Note: You are only allowed to create 1 competitive account every 24 hours, to prevent box farming.
As well as this change we have also added in some new interaction changes to comp mode accounts.
The most notable of these changes is as follows:
- We have added an invisible buff to comp accounts that should enable them to make use of dynamic drop rates at a quicker rate then other accounts (especially useful in raids)
- We have edited the permissions to ensure that players cannot cheat by trading their comp accounts or leave drops on the ground for their comp acc to pick up
- We have enabled it so that competitive accounts will gain the same perks if they get a donation rank
- We have ensured all tracked competitive categories automatically save on log out, to ensure all categories are recorded accurately
- We have increased the drop rates for comp accounts at ::soulroom and chance of beginner cash drops






We have reduced the drop rates on the Avengers Arcade!

We noticed that the drops from the Avengers Arcade were harder to get then we had hoped for so we have reduced the drop rates of the Avengers Arcade Ultra Rare drops by 10%




Introducing a new end game necklace to go along with the emperor’s ring.
This necklace will get new benefits and perks over time.
Current Effects:
Collection Effect
Collection to bank (same as collectors necklace)
NEW EFFECT - Collection to inventory (right click->operate to toggle)
Chargeable – every 1000 kills your Drop rate goes up by 1%
(capped a 30% additional DR or 40% max total)
This will reset if you go 1 hour without being in combat or if you die!
Watch your Drop Rate literally charge before your very eyes!
Increased chance of getting an ultra rare drop from the soul room by 25%
30% hybrid boost
-      30% range boost 
-      30% magic boost
-      30% melee boost
10% luck
10% drop rate (which grows to 40% when fully charged) 
10% double drop rate 
25% higher chance of upgrading items successfully
Wearing the necklace increases your maximum possible HP by 10(100) - Or 10% higher then your max hp!
Necklace when equipped will add cash to your money pouch at a similar rate as AFK island 
Watch your cash grow no matter where you are on Dreamscape!
Earn while PVMing, gambling or simply by logged in!
This also stacks with AFK ISLAND meaning that you can get 2x the cash per hour
or a maximum of 625K per hour (on bonus afk weekends)
We have added a teleport option to the instanced revs!
To pick up your Emperor's Necklace checkout the ds ::store
Or pick up the Emperor's Bundle to get both the Emperor's Ring + Emperor's Necklace (200$ reduction)
To ensure consistency we have also updated the graphical look of the emperor's ring!







We have fixed a large number of player reported typos and adaptations to the new currency!

Thank you so much for submitting all your typos/bugs/QoL issues with ds-coin!







We have enabled you to view upstairs in the battlegrounds mini game!

This should allow you to keep track of the battles better as well as interact and spectate with the ongoing game more efficiently.






We have added the Infinity Gauntlet (Charged) to the donation store!




The infinity gauntlet also has:
9x9 aoe - same as BFG9000
1 in 5 chance of 2.5 x max hit
2 x hit speed - same as BFG9000
We listened to you!


We renamed the Quadron box to The Box of Wealth




This update:

What should we call the new best in slot melee weapon?

Vote here:






- We have given the pink dildo a secret buff

- We have fixed a bug with the minibus leader not taking your money

- We have fixed bugs with Slayer masters using old currency

- We have fixed the text on the Golden Scratch Card

- We have updated the blackjack table to work with DS coins

- We have fixed a number of compatibility issues with DSCoin

- We have fixed a bug that teleported Platinum Partners to Sponsor Zone instead of Plat Zone

- We have fixed bugs with Extreme donator and super donator zone

- We have fixed a bug that made old style coins collect in your bank

- We have updated a number of drop tables to use the new currency

- We have fixed the 'Featured Shops' in the POS

- We have updated the Lottery to incorporate DSCoin

- We have fixed a bug that caused the Platinum Coin model to appear to large

- We have added support for Players to maintain HP higher then 99 (See Emp Neck)

- We have fixed a bug that allowed bosses that TP to teleport into unaccessible areas


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  • DRAX changed the title to REVS REVAMP! COMP SEASON FOUR! EMPEROR NECKLACE AND MORE! [PATCH 115 - 30/05/19]

I think it's wonderfull how much you guys interact with the community, take our feedback and actually put it to good use. I love this server mainly due to the staff team and the friends I've made! I hope to linger for alot longer!


Amazing job!!

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