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Drop Rates Reduced! Bonus Bonk Weekend! QoL! Platinum Zone! [Patch #112 - 03-05-19]


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What's up Dreamers!

Today's update was made by you!

We looked through your suggestions for major quality of life improvements and made them!

We have also added the top elite Platinum Zone for our VIP Platinum Partners.







We spent a lot of time over the last 2 weeks reviewing Drop Rates

This is a very difficult area of the game to get right!

If they are too low the drops become worthless due to too many items in the economy

If they are too high the drops become too much of a grind!


A lot of the drop rates have been unchanged since release... UNTIL NOW!


We have lowered the drop rates for 7 popular bosses on Dreamscape!

It wil now be easier to get a drop from:





Guardians of Am'orth


Chaos Elemental



This should make PVM more rewarding for you and while it will still be a grind (changes are between 5-25% easier) you will now receive a more rewarding time PVMing!


We have also addressed the drop rates of add-on items, e.g. Xebos Invitations, Rare Soul drops, infinity keys and have lowered all of these on Hard bosses considerably making them easier to obtain if you are fighting a harder boss, keeping them the same for lower level/easier bosses!


The review of our drop rates took a long time and we believe has been a worthwhile exercise in keeping the server up to date!


It is something we will monitor and will raise / lower as necessary over the coming months!










We have added a new feature!

At certain times in the year we will run BONUS BONK WEEKENDS!

This will allow you to get 1.5 x the usual rate of cash from ::afk

This huge amount of hourly cash means you simply can't miss out on these bonus weekends!




There will be announcements in game and on the forums when the next bonus weekends are!


First Bonus BONK Weekend

3rd May 2019 - 6th May 2019


Estimated Rates at Bonus Bonk Weekends!

Non-donator - 22.5t p/h 
Normal donator - 45t p/h 
Super Donator - 60t p/h 
Extreme donator - 75t p/h 
Sponsor - 112.5t p/h 
Executive - 150t p/h 
Platinum Partner - 375t p/h 









We decided to listen to your suggestions for quality of life fixes and have implemented a large number of small fixes that will make a big difference!





We made Birds nests and eagles nests stackable



We decreased the re-spawn time of Mini Bandos and Mini KBD at the Minibosses





We have added a kill counter to:

- Trinity Raid

- Strykewyrm Minigame

- Corporeal Beast

- Zulrah



We added a claim all rewards button to the achievement interface




We buffed the Infinity Scythe



We moved the Infinity Chest to ::soulroom

Suggested By: Senpar


We have removed Chest Key#1 from various areas of the game (e.g. extreme daily reward, super mystery box, infinity keys)

Suggested By:  Numerous People






You may have noticed that we have reccently grown our player base a large amount!

We are now having a regular 300-500 player base!

This is of course amazing news, however as a result of this we have noticed some server lag spikes and instability recently and have upgraded a number of things to make the server run more smoothly.





This should mean that game play is noticeably smoother and lag issues are greatly reduced.

As Dreamscape grows we have made a commitment to keeping the same smooth server running and lag-free game play regardless of how many players are online!







We have continued to meet our commitment to constant updates to the Emperor's ring!

We have added a hidden 30% Range DMG bonus making it the most OP offensive ring in the game!






We have added a new interface where we will store important announcements!

Typing ::announcements in game will open up a new interface where we can share important information, forum threads and more!






Today we are proud to be releasing the fully custom platinum partner zone!

To access this zone you must be a Platinum Partner and type ::plat

We've been working with the platinum partners to create a zone based on their suggestions!

The zone itself features a brand new custom map and over 150 Custom Bosses to fight!

21 shops including the brand new custom Platinum Shop!

7 New Custom Items to get your hands on!

Platinum Raids Portal with fully instanced versions of raids!

Platinum Tokens! The brand new Platinum Partner only currency!

The Platinum Dragon! a Platinum Partner only boss!

It is fully instanced so you won't be disturbed while on the grind and it's also multi combat meaning that you can maximise your kills with AOE weaponry.



Welcome Area


When you teleport to the platinum partner zone (::plat) you will be welcomed by everyones favourite side girl...





North East Shop Area






North West Area

Diglet / Vorago





North Room


This room contains a brand new VIP only boss... the Platinum Dragon




This Mighty beast is a brand new Platinum Only boss!

It has a whopping 1,000,000 Hp but can be 1 hit!

It has a 30 second respawn so is designed to be something you kill on the side while coming something else!



Always: 50 Platinum Tokens


Uncommon Drops:

Platinum Icon

Platinum Maul of Omens

Platinum Tenderiser

Platinum Party Hat

Platinum Spirit Shield




South Room

135 Private Bosses, bosses and more bosses!

These bosses are stacked tight so you can maximise your AOE Kills!







15 of:

Guardians of Am'orth



Revernant Imp

Revernant Hobgoblin

Donator Boss



30 of:



East Room

4 Corporeal Beast's

Sponsor Instances




West Room

Platinum Shop

Platinum Raids Portal



Code Key - 100 Platinum Tokens
Lamps - 5 Platinum Token
Dream Luck Potion (24hr) - 1000 Platinum Tokens
Dream Drop Rate Potion (24hr)   - 1000 Platinum Tokens
Dream Double Drop Rate Potion (24hr)  - 1000 Platinum Tokens
Platinum Icon - 100,000 Platinum Tokens
Platinum Maul of Omens - 100,000 Platinum Tokens
Plat Tenderiser  - 100,000 Platinum Tokens
Platinum Partyhat - - 50,000 Platinum Tokens
Platinum Range Helm - 100,000 Platinum Tokens
Platinum Range Body - 100,000 Platinum Tokens
Platinum Range Legs - 100,000 Platinum Tokens
Platinum Mage Helm - 100,000 Platinum Tokens
Platinum Mage Body - 100,000 Platinum Tokens
Platinum Mage Legs -  100,000 Platinum Tokens
Platinum Melee Helm - 100,000 Platinum Tokens
Platinum Melee Body - 100,000 Platinum Tokens
Platinum Melee Legs - 100,000 Platinum Tokens


Platinum Tokens

When you kill an NPC at Platinum Zone you will get 1 Platinum Token per kill (excluding Platinum dragon which drops 50 each time)

These tokens can be used in the Platinum Store!

You can also convert Bil Tickets into Platinum Tokens!

The Exchange rate is:

1000B = 1 Platinum Token


Platinum Glaive

Introducing Dreamscape's First RAID-COMPATIBLE 1 hit item!

The Platinum Glaive





This item is made by combining:


An Icy Glaive

1,000,000 Platinum Tokens

Platinum Icon

Platinum Maul of Omens

Platinum Tenderiser

Platinum Partyhat

Platinum Spirit Shield










For this weekend only the following items have been reduced!


Soon to be removed after this weekend!

Get them before they are removed from the store forever!





Scroll of returning
This scroll, when equipped in your arrow slot, has a chance of not using a donation box when opening! The higher your scavenger level, the higher the chance of you conserving your box! (up to 1 in 3 boxes conserved) 


Gants Magnet
This magnet when equipped in your arrow slot has a chance of not using keys in Dreamscape! This Includes soul room keys, code keys, crystal keys, treasure chests, and world box keys! The higher your scavenger level the higher the chance of you conserving 


Upgrade Hourglass
This hourglass, when equipped in your arrow slot, has a chance of not losing an item when unsuccessfully upgrading in Dreamscape! The higher your scavenger level the higher the chance of you conserving your item! (up to 1 in 3 chance)






Easter Box - 40$ (Was 50$)








We will soon be adding a fully custom Treasure Hunter!

Collect boxes through PVM (up to 4 at one time!)

And open them using Treasure Gems (claim 20 free gems every 12 hours)

Featuring 8 levels of boxes with incrementally better rewards this is something to get excited for!











Platinum Icon

Available from Plat Zone





Platinum Maul of Omens

Available from Plat Zone





Platinum Tenderiser

Available from Plat Zone




Platinum Party Hat

Available from Plat Zone




Platinum Spirit Shield

Available from Plat Zone





Platinum Cape

Available from Plat Zone





Platinum Glaive







Dream Purp' Set

Custom Donation




La Senpar's Cape

Custom Donation






Alpha01's BFG9000 and Offhand

Custom Donation





Spartan Cape

Custom Donation




Spartan BFG9000 + Offhand

Custom Donation




Spartan Set

Custom Donation





Sen Padre's Set

Custom Donation





World's and Drax's Big D's 

Custom Donation





Ding Dong's Custom

Custom Donation



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