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Finally here's my introduction after being in-game for a while


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I had my in-game account for a long time and used to play on and off, never had a forums account 😞 here's my introduction :).

IG Name: Sklz

Age: 26 father of 2 and married

Hobbies: Usually I play Runescape, Fortnite (PS4), Skyrim, Diablo and all sorts of RPG games, workout,  work on cars (mechanically). My job is Ejection Seat mechanic for fighter jets (USMC) been in for a while, currently working on my Cyber Security bachelor's degree. Hoping to stick around for a while due to the fact that I like this server. I got some good suggestions coming up, just have to gather my thoughts correctly. 

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29 minutes ago, Saur0n said:

Welcome! Thanks for the introduction.  Feel free to pm me for help or just to chat.  See you in game :)

Thanks will do. :) Cya in-game


21 minutes ago, Bodhi said:

Ayyy welcome on forums board buddy! 

I like that, you've joined here aswell! yeaahhhhh!


Welcome, and lovin' the introduction of yours! 

Thanks a lot :) 

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14 minutes ago, Cue said:

Welcome to the Forums bud! I have yet to see you in-game I think but as stated above, if you need help with anything, Let us know!





Thanks Cue,

I play in the shadows. Lololo im USA -5 EST time probably big factor, and I if I need help ill for sure pm.

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