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Donator Benefits [Updated]


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he Donator rank is obtainable via ::donate for $15 or in the game for 300-500T at the moment. With this rank, you will be opened to many perks which


includes new zone, bosses and lovely gnQaQft.png sign next to your name. The Donator Hub is accessed bia the command ::donorhub or ::dh. It includes a flask shop, altars, bank, player owner shop NPC and a collections chest. You will be able to set your yell tag/color/shade with the following commands: ::setyelltag (taghere), ::setyellcolor (colorhere) and ::setyellshade (secondarycolorhere).

With the Donator button you have the ability to use 'Anywhere Slayer''Mobile spellbook change' and also 'Donator Zone' teleport.


cu6dU8A.png Donator Button2


All Donator hub shops:


Trimmed Shop






You can also reset your combat skills for free by talking to the Town Crier!




You will be also able to kill Dreamkings (::dreamking) what drops Wolverine Torva, Assault rifles and Dream Wing Boots




''The Soul split prayer, along with a fast hitting weapon,

is required to effectively kill the King Dreamer.
Other recommendations include White Glass Wings in order to have a high prayer

bonus allowing you to upkeep your prayer points due to the King Dreamer draining your prayer points.

Multiple Super Restore potions are needed in order to sustain your soul split usage while killing the boss.''


You can also kill Gio's Hoe (::donorboss) as a Regular Donator


''Gio's Hoes also known as Donor boss.

This boss is ONLY for players that have a Donor Rank in-game.

Meaning you have to be one of the Donor Ranks, such as Donor (regular Donor ticket in-game or $15 donation)

or Super (Super Donor ticket in-game or $30 donation) or Extreme (Extreme Donor ticket in-game or $75 donation)

or Sponsor (it's a $475 donation ONLY). You can find this boss by typing ::donorboss.

Many players kill this because of his famous EXP-lamp drops, and is one of the best ways to get them.''


- You can also play dice duel on ::dicezone!

- Refill your special attack at the PK box instead of waiting

- Kill Frost Dragons (::frosts) for Frost bones

- Turn into a Pokemon (::giodude)







The Super Donator rank is obtainable via the ::donate store for $20 or in the game for around 800T-1Q. With this rank, you will have all the options available to Regular Donators as well as new perks and areas! First of all you will have ::bank command. This command allows you to bank anywhere you are, instead of having to run to the bank all the time! You will also have an access to the Super Dungeon! At this dungeon, there are many bosses you can kill. For every Guardian of Armadyl, you kill you gain one Donator point which can be spent in the Super Donator shop! And of course as regular donator, an CqMCnlJ.png!




Super Dungeon includes Miniboss area aswell. If regular Miniboss area is packed, just come here to kill them! By clicking on the portal inside of Super Dungeon, you can access to a special dungeon with bosses exclusibely for Super Donators! Inside of the special dungeon is Icy Skeletons, Shadow Kingsand Chaos elementals!


You will have access to the command that turns you into a sick Lamborghini (::drive)!



- You are able to coin flip at ::dicezone!






The Extreme Donator rank is obtainable via the ::donate store for $60 or in the game for 2Q+. With this rank you will have all the options available to Regular and Super Donators as well as new perks and areas! Additional to the rank you will receive an Extreme Amulet and an OcemI6q.png! This amulet is one of the best Amulet In-Game and has some serious bonuses! The Extreme Amulet will be deposited automatically in your bank after claiming the Extreme Donator Ticket! Not only the Extreme Chief has a store, it also gives you a daily reward of 1 Invictus Box, Super mystery box, Quadron box, 10 mystery boxes, 25 crystal keys OR 2500 1B tickets every 24 hours. All rewards Are random. You can claim those by right clicking the Extreme Chief.


Extreme amulet


Extreme point store:

Extreme Store


You can gain Extreme points by doing various activities inside of Extreme donator zone. You get 10 Extreme points by killing any of the monsters inside of Extreme Donator zone and you can gain points by skilling there aswell. 


- With this rank you can also plant seeds so you can play Flower poker or Hot or Cold!








You can get obtain Sponsor rank by donating for an Owner cape or Icy glaive! This item is obtainable from the donation store for price of $400 or $850 (icy glaive). This rank comes with a variety of commands and a private zone with A LOT of bosses!

We have added even more bonuses for our Sponsors! Sponsors now get an additional static 5% luck and 5% drop rate bonuses simply by being a Sponsor! This stacks with hardcore and ironman bonuses and all drop rate boosting items, making it even easier for sponsors to get a drop! We have made it so that sponsors now get 1.5x arcade tokens while using the arcade, meaning even more juicy rewards for our Sponsors! Sponsor Instances will now teleport you right outside the instance manager! Making it even easier to get quick and easy kills! Sponsors also has ::god and ::fall commands. ::god allows you to fly around Dreamscape and ::fall allows you to have the feeling that you're falling to the ground continuously!

And not to forget to mention the lovely xOaFYkU.gif next to your name!


e11d8c649c63b8f1e979690956ab225d.gif   56e2dc8c1a19e9051db0a207b774a81f.gif


Ownercape Zone:




You may access the Ownercape Zone by doing ::ownercape, ::ownercapetwo, ::ownercapethree or right clicking your ownercape! Here you can find variety of bosses and skilling areas. You can come here any time you want to have some bosses to yourselves! There is also Sponsor Point Shop! Talk to the King of Sponsors (King Roald) to access the Sponsor only Point Shop. Here you will find a bunch of random and Rare items. To gain Sponsor Points you must kill one of the many NPC's located at the Ownercape Zone. Every kill you get, you get 1 Sponsor point.




Everyday you can do daily tasks as a Sponsor. For every task you complete, you get one point. Each task can be different from each day. The task you can get is:


- Hunter

- Mining

- Woodcutting

- Fishing





The Executive cape is the BEST cape in-game. Known for its insane stats to 1-hit almost all NPC's. This cape costs $1000 and is untradable. Upon purchasing an Executive cape, you will receive 10% luck, 10% drop rate bonus and x2 Arcade points to your account and the Executive rank ingame and on our forums. You aswell will receive a forum userbar called Executive and dm6FlEv.gif next to your name!


Executive cape stats


By being an Executive you are entitled to many different unique zones. You'll need to right-click your Executive cape. At these locations you will have the option to fight an assortment of bosses and gain Executive Points, train skills and do other things that normal Donators won't be able to otherwise do. Executive members also have access to a private raid boss 'Baphomet' and an executive skilling area. The executive skilling zone features Lava and Dream trees in a secluded and private location away from other players, as well as the only Rainbow fishing spot on Dreamscape!





- ::wb teleports you to the world boss location.

- ::vroom to drive around with hot Bugatti!

- ::Helicopter to steer around your expensive Helicopter!


Executive Shop:



NPC's where Executive cape doesn't work:









Since recently Platinum partnership has been released!

This new and highly exclusive club is available to only the most dedicated of the DSgang!




To join the Platinum Partnership you must have donated $5000 (USD) in 2019, including donations that you sell to other players (will be cross referenced to your PayPal email)


Platinum Partnership Benefits:

The benefits of the platinum partnership are vast and are a great way to celebrate the dedication and generosity of our most Executive members.



-A 10% Discount code valid on all donations throughout the store and custom donations

(valid for 1 year)


-12 x monthly Platinum loot boxes with exclusive items and juicy custom items

(each containing a minimum of 500$ - worth 6000$ total)


-Exclusive Platinum Yell colour


-Exclusive Platinum Partner Set

(Helm, Body, Legs)


-Custom Icon in game/Jpv0pfR.png


-Exclusive title in game


-2x faster ELO each day! (2%)


-2x Slayer points after each slayer task completion 


-3X Arcade tokens 


-2x Grandlottery points while donating


-Static Bonuses;

15% Drop Rate

15% Double Drop rate

15% Luck


-A statue of your character added in game for all to see


-Exclusive regular voice call consultations with Chuck, Drax and the development team discussing new content and unreleased projects.


-Private direct communication and support with high ranking staff and the development team


Three new sets;

Platinum Partners can chose 1 of these 3 for free and other two can be earned.

Details will come later. 


Platinum Melee Set;



Platinum Magic Set;



Platinum Range Set;




Platinum Raids(Will be released soon)

Platinum Partners have their own instanced raids;




*Golden Dragon










An exclusive trip to hangout with other Platinum Partners and a meet and greet with the Dreamscape team.

Live the executive life in style with baller day trips, executive tours and exclusive nightlife.

This will take place in the USA, additional expenses TBC, participants must be over 21.








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