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What's up dreamers!

Today in our first update of 2019 we introduce a brand new skill! new slayer masters! A new 2k19 box as well as go back to basics with over 40 quality of life improvements and bug fixes!





We listened to you!



Today we introduce a brand new custom skill to dreamscape!
Scavenger skill is an awesome and 100% custom skill that lets you earn exp and rewards while playing all our custom content!
From redeeming soul room keys, to open vote books the list of ways to level up your scavenger skill are vast!
The skill comes with plenty of new rewards including a brand new upgrade chest and a way to swap resources for juicy items including the Owner Cape!
This skill cannot be lamped and is not required for prestiging.
You gain exp by collecting and using resources around the map.
Who will be the first to get lvl 99 Scavenger and the coveted Skill Cape!
Or even the lvl 150 Master Cape!





Today we introduce the Resource Trader!
The resource trader allows you to trade in items, resources and unwanted drops for scavenger points!
You can check your scavenger points in the quest tab!
75 Scavenger required to use the resource trader!
The resource trader can be found at ::upgrade
You can also use your scavenger points to buy juicy items at the Scavenger Shop!
This shop includes rates, cosmetics, discontinued items, a custom glaive and the one and only OWNER CAPE!!

We listened to you!




we listened to you!


As you train up your scavenger skill you will get access to new items that you can upgrade in the Upgrade Chest (+) located at ::upgrade


From upgrading long claw to an icy glaive, golden minigun to lava minigun or extreme donator ticket to the new sponsor ticket there is something for everyone at the upgrade chest (+).




For a full list of items you can upgrade click here:







One of our new and juicy rewards from the Scavenger Skill is the Scroll of returning!
This Scroll equips in the arrow slot and when worn, it gives you a chance of not losing a box when opening it!
The scroll can be obtained from the Scavenger shop for 1500 Points (earned by trading in resources) or from the donation store!
Depending on your scavenger skill, depends on the rate at which you conserve a box
Scavenger skill level - rate of not losing a box
lvl 1 - 1 in 100
lvl 50 - 1 in 20
lvl 75 - 1 in 15
lvl 99 - 1 in 10
lvl 120 - 1 in 5
lvl 150 - 1 in 3





This exciting new piece of scavenger equipment also equips in the arrow slot and has the ability of not losing a key when using them!

This includes:
Crystal key
Soulroom keys
Raids key
Slayer key
World box (retain world box and key)
Code keys
Treasure chest (retain chest + key)
Scavenger skill level - rate of not loosing the key
lvl 50 - 1 in 20
lvl 75 - 1 in 15
lvl 99 - 1 in 10
lvl 120 - 1 in 5
lvl 150 - 1 in 3






One of our new and juicy rewards from the Scavenger Skill is the Upgrade hourglass!
This hourglass equips in the arrow slot and when worn, it gives you a chance of not losing an item when upgrading it!
The hourglass can be obtained from the Scavenger shop for (earned by trading in resources) or from the donation store!
Depending on your scavenger skill, depends on the rate at which you conserve an item
Scavenger skill level - rate of not losing an item
lvl 1 - 1 in 100
lvl 50 - 1 in 20
lvl 75 - 1 in 15
lvl 99 - 1 in 10
lvl 120 - 1 in 5
lvl 150 - 1 in 3
Introducing the Emperor's ring!
Our gift to you is this insanely op ring that combines a number of items meaning you can have multiple perks combined into one!
The emperors ring will give you the effects of:
- Gant's Magnet
- Scroll of Returning
- Upgrade Hourglass
- Scroll of Souls
- Scroll of Fire
- Scroll of Blood
- 10% drop rate
- 10% double drop rate
- 10% luck
- As well as more perks in the future!
Any arrow slot booster will be added to the Emperor's ring!
Get it now at this low price!
The price will increase in the future!





Today we introduce 2 new slayer masters!

These slayer masters can be used at any level and offer new options for training slayer at both beginner and end game level.






Introducing a new slayer task master for beginners!
This master who can be found at ::train will give you beginner tasks regardless of your level/prestige.
You are also able to skip beginner tasks for only 100b making it a lot more beginner friendly.



Introducing a brand new Slayer Task Grandmaster!
You can access the slayer task Grandmaster at ::ownercape
Rather then just giving you 1 npc to kill the Grandmaster will give you a list of 3 monsters you must kill to complete the task!
Upon completing the task you get the equivalent of 2x the slayer exp of the total monsters killed making it a very juicy way of levelling up your slayer!





we listened to you!



Introducing the new Sponsor Ticket!

This ticket is obtained from the Upgrade (+) chest (lvl 50 scavenger required) - Dream Chance

Or can be purchased from the donation store!


This ticket when redeemed gives you sponsor rank and access to the Ownercape zones with full perks!


It is a great way to get access to this juicy rank and the private custom content and means players can more easily make use of icy glaives and prod capes!


Please note: The sponsor rank still is a free perk of donating for the Ownercape or the ICY Glaive and those who are already sponsors will remain sponsor without having to use the new ticket!





It wouldn't be an update without a new seasonal box for our players and this time we have pulled out all the stops to provide you the most bang for your box! (pun intended)

This box is what we have decided to term a multi-reward box and functions like the Centurion Box and the Christmas stocking 
When opened you will receive: 
(example opening)
50-1000t cash
Grandlottery book
Donator Point Book
A Dream Luck Potion (4, 12, 24 hours)
1-5 Random Donation Boxes
(Quantity = 1 for normal, 2 for super donator, 3 for extreme, 4 for sponsor, 5 for executive/top donator)
1-5 Random Scratchcards
 (Quantity = 1 for normal, 2 for super donator, 3 for extreme, 4 for sponsor, 5 for executive/top donator)
1-50 code keys
And one of the following Juicy Prizes!
Frostbite Staff
100 Code Keys
American Boxing Gloves
Collectors Necklace
Seers Boots
Archers Boots 
Beserker Boots
Berserker Gloves
Anguish Gloves
Mystic Gloves 
Extreme Donator Ticket
Oblivion Scythe
Ultimate Dream Katana
Eternal Khione Staff
M4A4 Asiimov
Blue Balloon
Black Balloon
White Balloon
Noble Helm
Noble Legs
Noble Body
2019 Icon
Electronic Katana
Sword of the Protectorate
Icy Glaive
Prod Cape
There is also a chance of obtaining the 2k19 Box as a weapon!
This custom Glaive is fully textured and set a rare extra Reward!
Limited time offer!
For the first 100 people to buy the 2019 box they will also receive a free 2019 banner!
This item is limited to 100 total in game!
To receive your 2019 banner message drax in game or on discord (Drax#2878)



we listened to you!



Introducing a new community event!

The vote event allows us to automatically offer new rewards to a set number of players who vote and redeem their votes in game!


Rather like type challenges an server alert will notify you of an active vote challenge and the prize and quantity of prizes!



The first X amount of players to vote and redeem their votes in game will receive their rewards until the quantity set is met!




We have addressed a major issue for some players and have remade the way in which pets work to avoid you clicking on them by accident.


The pick up pet option is now only available as a right click option meaning you won't be clicking on any pesky pets while running, thieving or attending a drop party!


This small change should have a major impact on your quality of life and has been requested by a lot of players!


We have also disabled pets at dice zone!

You can no longer have a pet spawned while at dice zone or teleport to dice zone with a pet out!


This comes from a number of user complaints about pets getting in the way of Flower Poker




we listened to you!



We have added an option where you can slimline notifications!

This will allow you to toggle

- World Boss notifications

- Grandlottery notifications

- General server announcements


This means that should you chose you can have a more slimline hatbox and track better the things that you are doing!




To turn these options on and off go into the tools tab click more options and then select the checkboxes!




We have added an option where you can see all the drops that are on the ground!



You can toggle this option on and off in the tools tab -> more options and then select the checkbox






We have made a list where you can see the Executives and Sponsor members who are online!






Want to join the list?

Click here!




we listened to you!


We have added a new way of tackling the arcade!

You can now do the arcade with a friend!

Make sure you are in the same clan chat and then right click the arcade machine and select duo arcade!




You will together fight all the same waves at the same time!


While you will not receive the coveted inferno cape for completing the arcade with a friend, you will get tokens which are split between both parties!


This is a great way for newer players to enjoy the Arcade and earn some super juicy rewards while they are at it!






We have added a prayer altar at the raid hub!

This will allow you to top up your prayer points after each raid!






We have added the toxic blowpipe!

You can now make use of those zulrah drops and create the toxic blowpipe!



To do this you will need a tanzanite fang and a chisel!







Today it is my pleasure to introduce the Dreamscape Platinum Partnership!


This new and highly exclusive club is available to only the most dedicated of the DSgang!




To join the Platinum Partnership you must have donated $5000 (USD) in 2019, including donations that you sell to other players (will be cross referenced to your PayPal email)



Platinum Partnership Benefits:

The benefits of the platinum partnership are vast and are a great way to celebrate the dedication and generosity of our most Executive members.


For a full list of the benefits click here!






Wiki Cape

Available to wiki editor of the month



Legacy trusted host icon

Available to legacy host of the month


B l  1 t z fg9000

Custom Donation!



Rgb9000 + offhand

Custom Donation!



God Sk1l Set

Custom Donation!



Space Spirit Shield

Available from Upgrade Chest (+) - lvl 70 Scavenger Required




Noble Outfit

Available from 2k19 box



Blue Balloon

Available from 2k19 box



Black Balloon 

Available from 2k19 box



White Balloon

Available from 2k19 box



Noble Outfit

Available from 2k19 box



2k19 Icon

Available from 2k19 box



2k19 Banner

Available for free for the first 100 people to buy the 2k19 Box!



Planetary Destroyer

Custom Donation



Hanzo's Bow

Custom Donation










  1. We have adjusted the magic book teleports so they will redirect you to the teleport tab for more user friendly functionality!
  2. We have made it so that Diglet drops will appear at diglets last location to save you running around the map to locate your drop!
  3. We have fixed the dual wield bfg invisibilty glitch that made your character disappear while wearing BFG9000 and BFG9000 Offhand
  4. We have fixed Nex at ownercape so you can now kill nex here!
  5. We have fixed the Diglet killcount typo
  6. We have replaced the giant mole chat with more suitable diglet text
  7. We have improved diglets movment animations to make him move more naturally
  8. We have addressed the bank tab issue. Where you could have 2 or more stacks in your bank of the same item at once.
  9. We have fixed a bug that made you teleport to Voldemort when trying to access oblivion dragon through the boss teleports!
  10. We have ensured that the King of sponsors and Beefy bill appear at all 3 ownercape zones!
  11. We have changed some of the items in the Wilderness shop to balance this content more but ensure you still get great rewards from killing revs
  12. We have fixed an issue that meant that when you teleported away from dicezone it would still show the available trusted dicers.
  13. We have removed the talk options from npc's that would have no dialogue and just made it 1 click to trade shops
  14. We have removed duplicate items in a number of shops at home
  15. We have removed some of the worthless drops from announcing on yell such as Primal maul, Doctors hat, Dual haloswords, Bandos spear, etc
  16. Remove the "talk to" option and the "pickup" option on all familiars/pets to avoid you clicking on other peoples pets
  17. We have fixed an issue with peoples pets disappearing
  18. We have fixed an issue with people being unable to dismiss their pets
  19. We have fixed an issue with the ELO system and will be getting it back online in the next few days!
  20. We have removed  the now useless "Barrows fixer" at home, 
  21. We have Removed the 2B optional shop at home due to nobody using 2b Checks.
  22. We have removed the outdated "rares shop" at home.
  23. We have changed the Mega world boss color in the chat from yellow to make it more easy to see
  24. We have renamed some of the portals at home so you can see what you are accessing
  25. We have fixed a bug that prevented you entering battlegrounds even if you had no items in your inventory
  26. We have renamed the battlegrounds reward chest so you can more easily see what the chest does
  27. We have removed some items from battlegrounds to make combat more accessible within the minigame
  28. We have fixed a bug that allowed you to use the kongzilla raid to gain a large amount of rainbow fish
  29. We have fixed an bug with grenades that allowed you to abuse some pvm content
  30. We have made it so Oil lanterns will not extinguish
  31. We have fixed a bug that made 2 World boss portals at same place
  32. We have fixed issues with Scrolling/resizing some interfaces while in resizable or full screen mode
  33. We have fixed a bug at Cerberus that prevented it respawning
  34. We have made it so Cerberus will disappear after death
  35. We have made it so you can use more commands while playing instanced content
  36. We have made blessings unable to be used in PVP
  37. We have fixed voting and made the system more slimline and reliable
  38. We have increased our bot detecting systems to make it even easier to catch those players who ruin the game by botting PVM
  39. We have fixed some server stability issues which will improve connection issues for players with temperamental connections
  40. We have fixed a number of typos within dialogue and chat box messages
  41. We have removed the Christmas theme and event
  42. We have improved the monster teleports options giving you more useful teleports to monsters within dreamscape!
  43. We have fixed a bug that prevented you from leaving the Arcade unless you died
  44. We have fixed some issues with character right interaction that meant users were unable to use certain commands.


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