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Yvez's Good bye


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I had a lot of fun around DS, Made a lot of friends met some cool people you all that did well for me. I started DS as a player that never expected to become rich in the game. Although I met some people who put their trust in me to achieve myself a place in DS.


I've got too much of my life to spend out not thinking about the times I had on DS here, Somewhere good, some people let me down in ways that I will never forgive even if they beg. It was truly an honor playing here on DS. I swear to got if you post on here you know who you are you will regret this. but anyways there is much more life ahead of me than DS, Moving, Planning on getting married soon. Planning my life out and keeping the past behind me.


I appreciate all the support that you guys have given me and the staff team of course around my time when I was a helper, a wiki editor, and a news team editor. It was nice to know you all.







@Iron Barrage

And all you other hoes that I forgot to mention in the page, Thank you for the fun times, Even whenever I was a drunk.


Maybe one day I shall return if there is something for me to do but for now.


Have fun.


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