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Dreamscape's First Jeopardy


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Dreamscapes First



Jeopardy! Is a classic game show, with a twist. The answers are given first and YOU as the contestants need to give a question based on the answer. This is just like it, however all of the answers are DREAMSCAPE or RUNESCAPE related! Will you be able to find a suitable question?



This is the board that we will be using, once a contestant manages to get one right. That slot will disappear and not be able to be used again, for cheating purposes of course.

If you dont know how to play this game, it's quite simple. You as a contestant pick a theme, let's say Staff Members, and the amount of money attached to it. If I was first, I would say "Staff Members for 10T".I would then get given a question, such as "Owner of Dreamscape", and you as the contestant would have to give the answer to it. For example, If I did say Owner of Dreamscape, you as the participant would have to give the answer to it, which in this scenario would be Chuck. 

The trillions and quadrillions are just a scoring system I thought of to make it seem more Dreamscape Like.


The winner will be decided once all of the slots are gone. The person with the highest amount of money wins 1st Place, the person with the second highest amount of money wins 2nd Place and so on.


So, little Mark. When will this event take place? 


.Im Glad you asked, the event will take place on 12/04/2018, or Thursday the 12th of April, for all you Americans. It will be on Discord and it will begin at 18:00 PM GMT time.You can use this to find what time it will be in your timezone


But Mark our lord and savior, how do I enter?




Well, I'm glad you asked little padawan, you enter by replying to this thread with your in-game name, your Discord name and with the quote "I want in".




The prizes are depending on how many people enter, the more people we have entering. The JUICIER the prizes will be.


Remember guys, you have a 1-week deadline to enter! Hope to see as many of you there as I can


If you have any further questions, leave them down here so that I can answer them AND let everyone know about it.


-Thank you ItsOnlya for making me the board <3




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