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Monthly Voting "March" - Winners !!


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Dear Dreamscape Community,

We hosted the monthly voting event, where people had to fill in a specific format.

In this format, they had to fill in their top member on several roles/positions. This can vary from best staff member till best pk'er.





SriVdUY.giffTkZF2h.gifjliW8zW.gifMost Active In-gamejliW8zW.giffTkZF2h.gifSriVdUY.gif

@DRAX @Feeds


ID5sbAg.gifT2gZbYt.gifMost Active ForumsT2gZbYt.gifID5sbAg.gif



khTY6Rb.gifUUiFnP8.gifMost Active OverallUUiFnP8.gifkhTY6Rb.gif


4R3RwgP.gif Most Kind 4R3RwgP.gif



ouQeCCH.gif  Best Dicer  ouQeCCH.gif

@Emperor Nick


8FFSoY4.png Best Pk'er 8FFSoY4.png



eAdhQMj.png?1 Best GFX-Designer eAdhQMj.png?1



4Xyw6qK.png  Best Youtuber 4Xyw6qK.png 



5Vma9PS.png Best Guides Maker 5Vma9PS.png



SriVdUY.gif Best Helper SriVdUY.gif

@Road 2 Swag


khTY6Rb.giffTkZF2h.gifID5sbAg.gif Best Moderator (Including Forums) ID5sbAg.giffTkZF2h.gifkhTY6Rb.gif

@Lil Bowwow


UUiFnP8.gifjliW8zW.gifT2gZbYt.gifBest Administrator (Including ForumsT2gZbYt.gifjliW8zW.gifUUiFnP8.gif



9aEeedt.gif Most Respected Staff Member 9aEeedt.gif



77HvcZx.png  Most Respected Trusted Host  77HvcZx.png



TtMCZUu.gifMost Respected Non-Staff Member TtMCZUu.gif



fFSrBhC.gif Best Staff Member fFSrBhC.gif



 gjTil9Q.png?1Most Active on Discord gjTil9Q.png?1



ZQAixL0.png Best Ironman ZQAixL0.png


The BIG winners of the month March is a tie between:

@DRAX & @Feeds

Give them huge congratulations, both won 3 times!! 


And these 3 lucky fella's down below also won another 500T on it!

[We decided to use a random number generator and these 3 lucky players won 500t!]


#1 - Squishy


#2 - dunte11


#3 - BevilM


I want to thank you all very much! It's always a blast that people participate in this awesome event.

And it's also a huge boost towards the people who made it on this month's list!



*For all that voted please contact me in-game - Feeds ( To collect your 50t for submitting your vote)*

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I'm happy to see this still around, back when RedDiamond started it nearly three years ago now.


Been a ton of hosts for this event, tbh I think it's one of the best consistent events that DreamScape offers.


Congratulations to all the winners.

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