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Huge Update! Increased Server Stability! Brand New Pets! Iron Man Set! Custom donation scroll! Pre-released items! +More [Patch #86 - 15/03/2018]


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This update sees a whole new way of getting your hands on custom items, new pets, buffs, pre-released items, bug fixes and a whole lot more!






We have noticed some server lag spikes and instability recently and have upgraded a number of things to make the server run more smoothly.





This should mean that game play is noticeably smoother and lag issues are greatly reduced.





Brand New Pets

These pets are available first from the Pet Mystery Box!


Necromancer Jr
5% drop rate as well as healing you per hit
Vorago jr
15% drop rate and restores prayer points
Diablo jr
15% drop rate as well as healing you per hit






Pet Boxes Buffed!

You can now get these super Juicy pets from the pet box for a limited time!
Chaos Ele Jr
Shadow King Pet
Rick Pet
Morty Pet
Necromancer Jr *BRAND NEW*
Vorago jr *BRAND NEW*
Diablo jr *BRAND NEW*






Custom Donation Scrolls!

To make it easier to buy custom donations, we have added tradable scrolls that can be exchanged with an admin for items from the store or custom item orders!

r1J0odH.png $50 Donation Scroll


IrOZ8Br.png$100 Donation Scroll

WrbGKV6.png$250 Donation Scroll

it is now easier then ever to get your hands on a 1 in game custom!

Click here for more info on custom items






The Legendary Iron Man Set!









20% Double Drop and 10% Drop Rate

Super OP set that is perfect for raids and fighting crime!

Available for a limited time from the donator store!







We have added emperor boxes to Double or Nothing and Tactical box donations!


You will now get 1 emperor box per 3 boxes you purchase!





Our latest and greatest youtube event is now open for entries with a $1750usd worth of free custom items as well as huge cash prizes up for grabs!








We've been working really hard on a new bit of content that's going to be HUGE!

As a little sneaky peak, we have decided to pre-release some items for players that want to get a head start!



Khione's Staff




Khione's Staff is a super op magic weapon that is aimed to beef up magic's representation in the combat table!

Rivalling the GMG's Damage per second, this staff is really going to change the way magic is viewed in DS!


Khione's Staff

Click here to buy the Khione's Staff


Boasting huge stats, this staff has the ability to be charged with Energy orbs (not yet released).



Orb of Energy

(not yet available)


Charging your staff will allow you a 1 in 10 chance of hitting 2x your max hit! a super OP special attack that will allow you to take down any monster or raid!




Charged Crystal


While you cannot currently obtain these orbs, you can also charge the staff with the 'Charged Crystal' that will turn your 'Khione's Staff' into the 'Eternal Khione's Staff' allowing you to never have to charge the staff again! The special attack will always be on and will permanent.

This crystal is available for pre-release in the donation store!

Click here to buy the Charged Crystal


Gandalf's Staff


For newer players that still want to get their hands on some crazy magic equipment, we have also released Gandalf's Staff! This is also pre-released in the donation store!

Click here to buy the Gandalf's Staff





Bowwow's Corruption

Custom Donation





Briggzys Deagles

Custom Donation




Batman Mask

Custom Donation






-We have fixed an issue with players getting incorrectly banned

-We have added a safety message when closing the client

-We have updated the items you can use in the wilderness and removed some op items

-We've added a wilderness warning when teleporting to ::Easts and ::wests

-We have removed the drop messages from starter boss

-We have fixed some server stability issues

-We have fixed some issues with the roulette and soulroom interfaces

-We have fixed a bug with the home shops

-You can now trade in Vanguard Helm to ::soulroom



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On 3/16/2018 at 3:08 AM, DRAX said:

We have noticed some server lag spikes and instability recently and have upgraded a number of things to make the server run more smoothly.

I'm so glad this has been fixed! It was much needed! 

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