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Birthday Giveaway!


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Birthday Giveaway!



ingHello everyone and welcome to this giveaway, This weekend I'll be turning 21 to celebrate that day I'll be giving away a couple off items, follow the instructions below and goodluck.

I've been given permission to host this giveaway by @DRAX.


How to win:

Comment your ingame name with something you like and something you dislike about Dreamscape.


The key to winning is giving a creative comment come with something original, or don't.




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First of all i want to wish @Ethereum a Happy 21st Birthday. Thank you for hosting this event man!:)


My in-game name is Hc Blaze.


Something i like about Dreamscape:


I love how amazing the community is, not only that you have many items to choose from when playing. Whether that be Weapons, Armor or really anything Fashionscape. Can't forget about how wonderful the Staff are, with their truly awesome events they host for us and not to mention they are very helpful. They're the right ones for the job that's for sure... Dreamscape happens to be number 1 in my book. No other server Could ever hope to rival this Amazing Server. :)


Something i dislike about Dreamscape:


Honestly the only thing i don't like about Dreamscape is when someone is gambling and loses, then threatens to quit because they gambled the last bit of items they had of value. Lesson there is don't gamble what you can't afford to lose. It's okay to gamble but not to the point where you lose everything. Other than that that's the only thing that i dislike about Dreamscape, not about the server itself but the players on it who choose to gamble their whole bank and don't like the outcome when they lose. I hate watching people gamble their pvm gear, I've watched it happen many times. :(


Good luck to all the Dreamscape Family. May the best one win! :)


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Hi I'm Hc Nut


One thing I love about DS is the random conversations that occur at magegray. I spend a lot of time there and there are always cookey people hanging out there and it's always great to be able to join in and talk shit while killing them damn magegrays.


I vastly dislike that no one will dd my measly 10-20t :( I understand to most of y'all that is pennies but i hate having to go dice against King Vargas because that shit always takes my money.


Happy birthday yo, hope you have a good one.

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Hey Everyone! I'm Emileee!


One thing that I love about DreamScape is meeting new funny people! I love hanging out in the Discord with everyone even though I don't have a mic. :\ But DreamScape is a great community, and events like this one is what draws in new players and keeps the current players around! :D


Something I don't like about DreamScape is the lack of early and mid-level money making! I've done a fair share of grinding (no where near some of you), but I find it extremely difficult to progress further in the game without having necessary stuffs! :P


Thank you for these giveaways! :)

Happy Birthday!!

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Well happy birthday of 21 years I know that I do not know you more I wish happiness in the same way!


Well what I like most are the people very well excited a 
server without bad words in excess a lot of fun the brackets 
always willing when requested a server inpecavel many ways to make money 
and have fun great varieties of items and many bosses are difficult to drop 
more that gives grace to the game the difficulty itself events every week and much more ...


Well what I do not like is more because of a problem of my own, because because I'm Brazilian
 I have to stay using google translator all the time I only know 1% of English and it disturbs
 me a lot, the fact that the site's things are in dollars and I I am Brazilian 
and I have a low income so I can not donate more to rake and soon I buy my minigun the
 fact itself and because it is very expensive things on the site plus I understand that 
and to leave the server open.
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Hey guys! (: 


 IGN: Iron Heman


Something I like about dreamnscape: What i love most about dreamscape is the staff. This staff ALWAYS helps when they can. If the game glitches, they take time out of their day to help you figure out why and how to fix the problem you're having. Never had a bad time with any of the staff members. love you all <3 


Something i dislike about dreamscape: There isn't much i dislike about dreamscape, but if i had to choose something it would be drop rates. I get that their unpublished, but even getting better gear (chaos pet, rowi, emp armor, etc)  with drop rate increases still doesn't really affect how often I'm getting drops. ill still continue to grind for days for a single item, it just peeves me and makes it hard for beginners. I still love the server though. better than any other server ive played. 



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Happy Birthday

IGN : Win43

What I like about Dreamscape:


I like the amount of custom content that's given to us which is a lot different to nearly every other rsps. This one also has a thriving community and most are nice ;p.


What I dislike about Dreamscape:

For new people, it seems to be a lot harder to start making the money to buy good weapons. I remember struggling when I started. 

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ign Zoldyck
What I like and what made me play for more then a day is the community, not only active but cares for the game, helpful so the new players stay around and always willing to have fun with jokes and events.

What I dislike 95% of the skills feels useless, that could be something to work on, maybe with events related to do a skill. 

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Black santa hat: Emilee
230t: Heman844
Golden Ak Flae
Golden Ak Killerboss
Tact Box Trynael
Tact Box HcBlaze
Tact Box x K I NG I
Tact Box Hc Nut
Tact Box Win43

Pm me ingame for your reward if you're an ironman pm me on thr forums and I'll ask an admin to put it in your bank.

Congratulations everyone

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