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Papers Fashion Event!


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Welcome to my fashion event!


What do I have to do?

Post a picture of your best outfit in-game.

If you don't know how to take a picture of your client, there is a "screenshot" button on the lower right part of it. You click it to take a screenshot and then right click -> view screenshots. Your picture will be there.

You can use any image hosting site. I suggest using imgur because it will directly give you the bbcode for the forums. 

If anyone needs help uploading their outfit, shoot me a PM through here or in-game. My username is Papers.


What is the deadline?

The deadline for the event is the 5th of January. The winner will be posted and will receive his prize!


What will I win?

There will be one grand winner with a prize of 500t cash.


Who will choose the winner?

I will choose the winner out of the entries provided, along with Englog.


What will be the theme?

The theme will be science-fiction. You can submit an outfit that does not belong to the theme, however your score will be severely affected.


What are the rules?

Any form of flaming, discrimination, racism or offensive language will result in instant disqualification.


Post your entries on this thread. Only 1 entry allowed per person.


Most importantly, have fun :) I'm very excited what you guys come up with!

I will post my outfit on this thread later. It will not participate.



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