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EMC's Fantasy Costume Event


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Welcome community,


I have not played this server long but I do however like the costume events. I like how it helps new players and players that are struggling to make money in game. I know the struggles of a new player and I also know how hard it is to make money in game. So I thought I would host my own costume event.

There will be some rules and I have two people that will help me pick the winners. They are not staff they are regular players and they will not be participating and neither will I. It's going to be a very simple costume event.



The theme is Fantasy



What do you have to do to enter my event?

It's simple really. Just post a front and back picture of your costume and just add your in-game name. It doesn't matter if you're rich or poor.

I am looking for creativity and backgrounds and the costumes itself.



What are the rules?

* Iron Man cannot participate due to the fact that I cannot trade them, I do apologize.

* Staff that are moderator plus cannot participate even with other accounts.

* You can only post one costume. If you post more than one costume you are disqualified.

* You cannot edit your costume once it's been posted. Once it has been posted it's final.




Here's an example...


In-game Name: E M C FullSizeRender-1.jpg.3edde5453dc285b641c8d3cedad274f4.jpg FullSizeRender.jpg.d26b9330e0491ae4989cda212c45eac9.jpg





There are 5 prizes.


First Place:: Ring of Wealth (i)



Second Place:: Blue Death Cape



Third Place:: Silver Space Sword



Fourth Place:: American Pernix set + Vanguard Boots & Gloves



Fifth Place:: Blue Torva set + Blue gloves & boots + 20t cash


Good luck everyone.    And I will be picking the winners July 9, 2017.




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i use this outfit daily, however i like its kind of "old mage" kind of look , almost similar to something like Quest npcs on runescape. 

i like it, hope you do :P.

ing : S A I N T , best of luck with your event, and to all participants.



outfit 3.png

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To post your photos its easy just take your screenshot in-game than right click the screenshot button and drag it into your comment with your in-game name. Also make make sure to post a front & back photo and you add your in-game to your post. If you don't i might not pick you... good luck!



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