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Forum Event (WINNERS)


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@Dear Dreamscape Community,


We had an amazing Forum Event going on for the 20k forum users registered.

It is truly an achievement we got there and Hat's off to our owners @Chuck & @Zevenfor the dedication they have given us to keep Dreamscape alive.

lately, Our development team has been working their ass off! You guys deserve this to


This has been so tough to find out but I will be using random number generator to pick the winners to make it fair


Let's get the winners now!


1st Prize:-



2nd Prize:- 



3rd Prize:-



4th Prize:-



*Congrats to all the winners!  The winners can claim their prize in-game or pm me via forums and others don't feel bad I will be hosting a new event next week! 


Thanks again for the wonderful words shown in love!



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Congratulations to the winners.

Thankyou for hosting this lovely event @Feeds, a lot of people indeed gave some nice feedback towards both of the owners.


It's great that they get this sort of feedback, because it's a huge motivation for them aswell!

& @Zeven if you read this, I wanted to put a reply on that event so bad, but I didn't do it because i'm a good boy haha!

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