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Youtubers Event Results - March


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The new month has started, so its now time to announce the current points the participants have!

For the actual Event thread, refer to this post :

Moving on, the following were the people who participated this month :

1. Gainz, who was awarded 315 Points total for his content

2. Phoenix, who was awarded 90 Points total for his content


The Participants can contact me in-game or on forums to spend their points.

The Reward Table :

1. 1T cash for every 2 points.

2. Dream Wing Boots : 15 Points.

3. Nocturnal Chain: 70 Points.

4. Extreme Donator Ticket: 180 Points.


If you wish to participate in this event, but have any questions regarding it, feel free to PM me!


Note : Due to the event starting late in March (March 14th), the Top Point holder can not exchange their points for the Youtuber Rank this month. However, in the next month, this option would be valid.



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