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200 DAYS in game time EVENT


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Dear DreamScape Community,

As you all know I've been in the scene for a while.

I first registered back in 2014 !


I must say, it's been a hell of a ride !

But don't you worry, I'm not gone just yet. 

This event is to celebrate one of my biggest achievements so far. 

200 DAYS In-Game time, oooh my gosh !!!



What do you have to do ?

Make a screenshot of your Ingame time. 

Post it in a reply with a little congratulations or something. 

I'll be using a random number picker 3 times that picks up to 200.

The 3 that are closest to the number will win one of the prizes !


Example : 




Congratulations on the huge achievement, may many days be added !




The first prize will be a 200$ custom donation of your liking !





The second prize will be 450T cash straight into your pocket !




Third prize will be a collectors necklace !



Winners will be drawn April 10th



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First off congratz Zeven on 200 days + online that's crazy!!!!!! your degication is too real and it shows everytime you get online. Thanks for letting the DreamScape community partake in this event your hosting :P gl to everyone and again gz Zeven!!!

ill choose # 24


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forgot my number lol
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