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DreamUpdate [Patch #56 ] Client Improvements


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Yes, tons of players have been waiting on an update like this !

We have focussed on the client & launcher ( errors ) 

For 80% of the players client performance should be improved by 100%. 

After carefully beta testing  we can safely say that most of the freezing has been fixed.


I hope you guys enjoy, let us know in a PM if you still occur issues !






-- Bug with Daily tasks has been fixed

-- XP lamps now only give MAX 20K xp for slayer

-- All slayer prestige levels 2 & 3 are rested to prestige level 1 again. ( abusing XP lamp bug ) 

-- Players with slayer over lvl 99 can now prestige aswell. 



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So no more spamming ::thread 17107 in yell? oh whoops sorry it's a force of habit :P (Just Kidding)


Awesome awesome work and i bet it took some time - overral nice.

Thanks Development Team & Zeven






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