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Youtubers Event!!


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Do you ever think of running a Youtube Channel, but just dont have the knowledge or an incentive for it? Well this Event is FOR YOU!



Requirements for the Event:


1. The videos must be at least 2 minutes in length and must be DreamScape related content.

2. Once the video is made, you need to PM me with the Youtube video link.



How Points are earned!


The event is earned with our Points System.


For each video you produce which qualifies the requirements

 You will be awarded points based on the number of views you get every week.


For example, if you produce a video on Monday, exactly one week later, on the next Monday you will be awarded Points based on the views you have at that time.


Once the points are awarded, that same video can not qualify for the event again.




The Point Rates:

1. 10 views or less : 5 points

2. 11-20 views : 10 points

3. 21-30 views : 15 points

4. 31-40 views : 20 points

5. 41-50 views : 25 points

6. 51-60 views : 30 points

7. 61-70 views : 35 points

8. 71-80 views : 40 points

9. 81-90 views : 45 points

10. 91-100 views : 50 points

11. 100+ views : Points to be awarded according to views


The points you get will stack up till the end of a month


If you have 2 videos produced in a month, one with 20 views and one with 50 views, you will be awarded a total of 35 points (10+25) to cash out the rewards with.




1. You can trade 2 points for 1T cash!

(For example, 10 points can be traded for 5T cash ingame)

2. Dream Wing Boots : 15 Points

3. Nocturnal Chain : 70 Points

4. Extreme Donator Ticket : 180 Points



So what are you waiting for? Start your Youtube Channel today and become the next 4Xyw6qK.pngYoutuber  for DreamScape!


In case of any questions or queries, feel free to PM me either on forums or ingame!

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