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DreamUpdate [Patch #46 - 24/12/2016]

DS Development Team

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Dear DreamScame Community. 

We have come up with a Xmass event !


Please move to your Quest tabb and move to the quests section.

Click on "A Christmas Miracle"



Here you have the first "tip" to start your quest !


If you experience any issues during the quest, please submit a support ticket ( with screenshot ) on our support page.

You will be rewarded with a present and we will fix your issue as soon as possible. 

You can submit a ticket here : 





Because of the Xmass Holiidays, we have a SALE going on in our Store

Make sure to visit our Store and have a look !



Happy Xmass everyone ! 



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Glad to see the Christmas update happen!
You guys are doing an amazing job.

Keep up the good work, dear [member=Chuck], [member=Zeven], [member=Sini] & [member=DS Development Team]!
We love you ♡
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Great update guys, love the idea! Hope the quest is still available this Tuesday!

Is there a time limit on this quest before it gets deleted?

I think I'll be recording the quest and post it on YouTube!

Keep it up!!

Keep Dreamin'

New Years

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