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As you all might of seen, we are lacking YouTubers at the moment and because of that I am trying to motivate new YouTubers to join us and make their first video. Hopefully this will attract people and get their interest towards youtubing. Although we have some requirements there, this is almost without requirements because they are very easy ones. Also if you'd wish to become YouTuber, you can always PM me and I will be there to help you best I can. Okay so let's go to the extremely easy requirements.





- Video has to be at least 5 minutes long.

- Video has to be Dreamscape related.

- You have to advertise that video on forums.

- You have to pm me the direct link of the video.

- You have to use dreamscape promoting description

EXAMPLE: (You can just copy & paste it)

► Become a Dreamer today and come play with us! http://dreamscape317.net/

★ Don't forget to join our Forums! http://dreamscape317.net/forum/

♥ Find out about our latest updates here! http://dreamscape317.net/forum/index.php/forum/5-updates/

► You need to know something? Check out our Knowledge base! http://dreamscape317.net/forum/index.php/forum/12-knowledge-base/

★ Don't forget to vote for our server! http://dreamscape317.motivoters.com/motivote/

I am really willing to see some amazing content our new youtubers can bring to us and with that said, everyone who makes one video after this thread is finished, gets 10T cash. Ofcourse you have to meet requirements but it's such a good deal huh ? Basically, make video what is 5 minutes long and get 10T cash, simple. You can still participate to my other YouTube event, where is good prizes, remember to check it out!

Huge YouTuber's event!

YouTuber Format & Requirements!






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This is a great way of recruiting youtubers! I really hope to see some new Youtube faces around in Dreamscape. Because of some recent situations it became less popular. But the trick is to make it popular again after those situations.


I am going to try and pump out some videos in the near future, but hopefully i'm not going to be the only one!

I can't wait to see what kind of creative videos are going to appear on our server.


Credits to [member=cooni] for managing the rank very well, and putting in time & effort on recruiting Youtubers.

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I think i'll be making a video tomorrow. Loved YouTube thinking of making a minor comeback. Would be on a new YouTube account though. Out of the 728 subscribers i have left. I think like 600 - 650 are inactive.


I'll let you know if i'll be making video's!


Keep Dreamin'!


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