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DreamUpdate [Patch, Bugfixes #41 - 13/12/2016]

DS Development Team

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IbfSkFP.pngDear DreamScape Community,

We are having a huge update with some major fixes.

We are clearing up most of major and minor bugs as well as adding a new option for starter weapons.

Our downtime could be around 5 to 30 minutes MAX 




This will be a list of what we have fixed this patch.




 We have changed the name of Yellow dragon wings (vorago) to Yellow Demonic wings.


Overload potions will now last there full duration.


Fixed black screen issue upon creation of new account.


::PP boss has been completely been fixed 


Issue when entering castle wars with a glaive has been fixed.


New Starter Weapon has been added for starter accounts. The Dual barreta's Have replaced the previous saradomin bow for all new accounts.


Random ladder and crate in the bank at home have been removed.


Rainbow lance attack animation has been returned to its normal state.


New created accounts not being able to teleport has been fixed.


All custom donation items have been added for the donators.


Ironman backpack now sits in the correct slot.




Players will need to download cache but it will automatically be done by the launcher.

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These sure are some awesome fixes!
Goodjob dear [member=DS Development Team], [member=Chuck], [member=Zeven] & [member=Adrianped].
Keep up the good work! ♡

Ps. Can't wait to update my client, tonight ♡
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