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DreamUpdate NEW client LAUNCHER [Patch #40 - 09/12/2016]

DS Development Team

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Dear DreamScape Community,

We are having a huge update with some major fixes.

There is a client launcher being introduced that will make sure you never have to re-download the client again.

This Client launcher will update itself everytime the server is providing a new client version.

Our downtime could be around 5 to 30 minutes MAX 



Here is a list of bugs we've fixed. 


Iron Mans back pack now goes int he right slot.


Icy glaive now is tweaked up and is now even more OP. 


The lag caused by the spiked of the Icy glaive is now resolved.


Party Pete boss is back to the original npc's, goodluck in the fight !


Rainbow lance now hits normal again.


Sword of 1K truths got reverted back to the old one.


Made 100% sure everyone is receiving Immortal stone fragments


A ton of other client related issues behind the scenes.



Hope to show you guys another update thread very soon !

Thank you and enjoy your game play.

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