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Monthly voting results! - October


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Dear Dreamscape Community,

It is once more time to see the results of our public voting for October's Monthly voting! 

Without further adue, the results from this month's Voting!



SriVdUY.giffTkZF2h.gifjliW8zW.gifMost Active In-gamejliW8zW.giffTkZF2h.gifSriVdUY.gif


ID5sbAg.gifT2gZbYt.gifMost Active ForumsT2gZbYt.gifID5sbAg.gif


khTY6Rb.gifUUiFnP8.gifMost Active OverallUUiFnP8.gifkhTY6Rb.gif 


4R3RwgP.gif Most Kind 4R3RwgP.gif
A tie this month between [member=potentials] and [member=licky]


ouQeCCH.gif  Best Dicer  ouQeCCH.gif 
[member=mg new mg 2.0]

8FFSoY4.png Best Pk'er 8FFSoY4.png

eAdhQMj.png?1 Best GFX eAdhQMj.png?1

4Xyw6qK.png  Best Youtuber 4Xyw6qK.png 

5Vma9PS.png Best Guides Maker 5Vma9PS.png


SriVdUY.gif Best Helper SriVdUY.gif

khTY6Rb.giffTkZF2h.gifID5sbAg.gif Best Moderator (Including forums') ID5sbAg.giffTkZF2h.gifkhTY6Rb.gif

A tie between our two moderators, [member=rhysj] and [member=dainish]

UUiFnP8.gifjliW8zW.gifT2gZbYt.gifBest Administrator (Including forums'T2gZbYt.gifjliW8zW.gifUUiFnP8.gif


9aEeedt.gif Most Respected Staff Member 9aEeedt.gif

77HvcZx.png  Most Respected Trusted Host ​77HvcZx.png

TtMCZUu.gifMost Respected Non-Staff Member TtMCZUu.gif

fFSrBhC.gif Best Staff Member fFSrBhC.gif 


Kqb1XeC.pngMost Active on TeamSpeak Kqb1XeC.png



And of course our 3 random winners!

1.  ZexZee
2.  Johnnynimble
3.  Potentials
Congratulations on winning 10e903b3354547459a89a0cb09404c39.png!
All winners can claim their prizes by PM-ing me, 1Qef08w.gif Licky!

Thank you everybody for voting, and congratulations to all the winners!

Please do remember, that even if you didn't make the list, everyone has been doing an amazing job!
Keep up the good work everybody!
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