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DreamUpdate [Patch #37 - 14/11/2016]

DS Development Team

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Today, I am releasing a temporary fix for low end laptop/desktop users. We have noticed when you use the client you received a very high Ram & CPU usage i have temporarily address this issue in this thread while testing is conducted i'll update the main downloadable Jar to ensure it automatically switches depending on your computer specification. 






Download and extract the ZIP archive, and then run either "run-windows.bat" if you're on Windows or "run-mac-linux.sh" if you're on Mac or Linux.
This is NOT the final version of the client, it still needs to be minified so that it is not 30MB.
Please let me know how the FPS is compared to the current "latest" client. You can monitor your FPS with the ::fpson command. Thank you!
[url=https://www.dropbox.com/s/zmkfsl6cu2cc4tx/DreamScape%20Test%20Client.zip?dl=1]Temporary Client Fix[/url]
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Just tested it, I'm using a mac and the client seems smoother and faster.


Only problem is that it's not the the updated version and I am unable to use some of the tabs such as achievements and staff list in-game.


Thank you though :P

The staff list is gone for me but i still have the achievements. Though im using Windows. Also the up and down button seem to be weird on 64bit like its upside down or something

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