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An amazing 2 years


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I would love to start this off by saying many of you may not very well know me. But I've been playing this game for about a year and 7 or so months. Only have 1 account " Cartel " and I love to observe the growth and positivity of a community, as well as the aspiration and creativity of the hosts.


From when I joined early March 2015, there was a huge following, just insane, so many friendly players, with the few oddballs here and there. We had different staff throughout the years but, for different reasons we had changes, some good, some bad, I myself enjoyed everyone of you guys on the TeamSpeak I feel we all even though we talked a lot of shit on each other, had a lot in common as well and connected on a basis of just, gaming. In a sense we all played this really weird game that we knew to be normal, not to get all mushy or otherwise too sentimental, I enjoy the time I've had and i'd like to express the ups and downs although hard to do at the top of my head, which is why this is written like I'm talking to you guys.




Summer 2015 Updates were just coming out left and right, Varago was dropped, then castlewars, then special refill was added for donors, so many amazing updates that most "communites" don't receive so quickly I mean within march alone of 2015 there was 18 updates! 18 updates wow.


Throughout July 2015 BAM Duel arena though many bugs, we received duel arena many communities only dream about!

There are so many more updates since then, just bringing them all up would waste a few pages, We are in 2016 now and we have AI RAIDS, with bosses. There is only more to see, more to play, more to create.


This is my thank you letter to all the staff.


-Staff Banned or Not-











Prod Dice

Mod Blake



Badd Spella







Tyrant and Stan You Guys are fucking destroying it! Keep it up and leave people like with the best memories of how a real rsps is supposed to be played! Thanks again for all the hard work and dedication, I really appreciate it.


Once Again Thank you DreamScape, and keep pushing on.


(Also Take this as my rejoining letter, I'm back bitches)




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Thank you for these kind words.

Fear not, much more is yet to come !


We hope to have big changes every month, content that keeps players inspired and motivated.

A custom server is hard, you just can't get around those bloody bugs... 

Our main goal is to keep improving ourself, each day..each hour. 


Hope to see you around for many years to come.

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