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[WIN $1000] 2 Year DS Anniversary update - IMMORTAL STONE FRAGMENTS!

DS Development Team

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Hello Dreamers, today we have a very special update including the IMMORTAL STONE FRAGMENTS! In this DreamUpdate, we have a variety of fixes that will improve the functionality of the client and server. These updates will allow you guys to play more efficiently and hassle free, let's get on to the updates:





Read more about it here :




The Immortal Stone fragments are like our key fragments in game! There is an underlying twist; you need to gain 1000 of these fragments to forge them into the IMMORTAL STONE! Only one person is able to win the prize, and these fragments are also UNTRADEABLE. The way to receive the fragments are by either:


  • PVM'ing
  • Skilling


The rarity of these fragments is dependent upon the difficulty of the skills, and the difficulty of the boss. The grand, and ONLY prize for obtaining 1k fragments and forging them into the Immortal Stone is $1,000! Remember to gain these fragments and grind!






  • NEX has been fully revampedimplementing a new and improved NEX that is completely BUG FREE!


  • MAP FIXES! Our maps in DreamScape are a vital asset to provide many of our custom bosses, areas, etc. Fixing these are an amazing update because it deletes all the un-needed space which deletes lag within the client. We have fixed white walls, maps with NO textures, and we have revamped all of the areas in DreamScape with updated textures. This was long awaited!


  • Staff list is fully functional! The bugs of the system have been fixed and re-coded to perfection. This includes "requesting help", and the Staff panel has also been redesigned to work flawlessly so your requests can be answered without any issues. This fix was vital as communication between members and staff is now improved and extremely stable.





The developers here at DreamScape have worked hard with designing and reconstructing items to be upgraded. Since we implemented the upgrade chest, we have seen enormous support because people are loving their upgraded items! We are extremely glad to see the overwhelming rate of people upgraded, so here we are with 2 new upgradeable items!


  • Gold chain → Nocturnal chain
  • Ice Katana Golden katana

We hope you guys enjoy these two new upgradeable items as a lot of time and effort has been put into the creation and modelling of these!



 Happy Halloween Pumpkin Event !!


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Amazing update, dear Development Team!

It's great to see so many bug fixes, it shows us you guys are always on the lookout to make the server a better place.

Keep up the goodwill work!

Ps. Goodluck to everyone, may the best one win the Immortal Stone, and may the odds be ever in your favor. ♡
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