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Dear Dreamers,


It's been a while since i've hosted a forums event.

And I felt it was time to get this started again! 


I've hosted the Forums Costume Contest a lot in the past.

And now i'm starting it up again!




- You can only enter once

- The picture has to be Dreamscape related

- Put the picture down below this thread

- Give some small information about why you chose this outfit, and why you like it so much.




On every Forums Costume Contest we have a theme.

This time's theme is: Warrior.


So you've got to try and dress up like a warrior.

And what sort of warrior, that's up to yourself!


Post the picture of yourself down below this thread.




#1st Place - Blood Spirit Shield




#2nd Place - Phoenix Whip




#3rd Place - Fallen Deathcape




I hope to see some sick entries!




[member=bench press]

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Thank you very much [member=bench press] for hosting this amazing event! 

Lovely lovely costume events (my favorite)

I'm not going to be participating but I do wanna enter the contest with my costume


I've chosen this outfit because as a theme of warrior I think it fits perfectly, mostly because of its use of Bandos who is often seen as the god of war or Strength, along with the shotputs that I've put my character next to!

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