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Found 5 results

  1. Here are the winner from my Costume Event, Again thank you to everyone who participated in the event!! We had a lot of choices to pick from, and I will say it was very challenging but here are the winners! First Place Winner:: Dr Gee (Punanii) Second Place Winner:: Pirate (Pirate) Third Place Winner:: Nylla (Nylla) Fourth Place Winner:: ThunderCough (hcthundercou) Fifth Place Winner:: Artymania (Artymania) Congratulations to all the winners!! and thank you so much for being apart of this event! Winners can speak to W I C C A or Myself in game for their prizes Special Thanks to:: Madman1555 & W I C C A
  2. @Dear Dreamscape Community, We had an amazing Forum Event going on for the 20k forum users registered. It is truly an achievement we got there and Hat's off to our owners @Chuck & @Zevenfor the dedication they have given us to keep Dreamscape alive. lately, Our development team has been working their ass off! You guys deserve this to This has been so tough to find out but I will be using random number generator to pick the winners to make it fair Let's get the winners now! 1st Prize:- @BlackheartV2 2nd Prize:- @Rotater 3rd Prize:- @Punch 4th Prize:- @Sports *Congrats to all the winners! The winners can claim their prize in-game or pm me via forums and others don't feel bad I will be hosting a new event next week! Thanks again for the wonderful words shown in love!
  3.   Dear Zombie Dreamers,   It's been 3 days since i've hosted the Halloween Giveaway on my Youtube channel. So it's time to choose the winners.   First off, i want to thank everyone for participating in this giveaway. We've had around 125+ entries which is insane!!   Therefore i'll be adding a bonus price to this giveaway.  But first let's announce the first 5 winners!   #1 - Darkly Spirit Shield Winner!     #2 - Anonymous Mask Winner!     #3 - Blue Deathcape Winner!     #4 - Custom H'ween Mask Set Winner!     #5 - Zombie Set Winner!       And then lastly.... A BONUS!! winner, which will win this 1 in-game Corrupt Dragon Longsword Is...       Congratulations to all of you, you are able to claim your prize in-game at me!  [member=bench press]   P.S: If we have any timezone issues please send me a private message on the forums, and then i'll ensure that you will receive your giveaway prize asap in an other way! 
  4.   Dear Dreamers,   With some delay, here i'll be announcing the Official Youtube Giveaway Winners. We had some really juicy prizes in there and those are going to be given away.   In total we've gotten 5 fair and square winners. For the ones who want to know, i picked the winners by random generator.   So here are the winners! [IF YOU WON A PRIZE, CLAIM IT IN-GAME AT [member=bench press]   Winners:   #1 - Legendary Kiteshield     #2 - SpaceJam Sword     #3 - American Torva Set       #4 - Icy Kiteshield     #5 - Ring of Wealth (i)     IT MIGHT HAVE SOME DELAY, BECAUSE OF TIMEZONES. IF THERE'S TO MUCH DELAY, THEN MESSAGE A STAFF MEMBER IN YOUR TIMEZONE ABOUT IT. AND THEN WE SEEK CONTACT.
  5.   A lot of people have been asking: 'Yo bench, when are you announcing the giveaway winners?'   Welp, right now! So everyone was able to join in on the 1K Subs Giveaway. And a lot of people did which is awesome ofcourse.   Here, i'll be announcing the winners:    1st prize - Red & White Tri-Jester Hat     2nd prize - New Year's Elite Box [Prize has been claimed]     3rd prize - New Year's Extreme Box     4rd prize - New Year's Ice Box     If you won a prize, leave me a message on the forums or private message me in-game It can have some delay because of timezone differents, but i try to deliver the prize as soon as possible!   I hope that everyone enjoyed the giveaway. I want to thank everyone for participating! A new Giveaway will be set-up soon.   Much love,
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